How can I purchase premade rebar products?

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Why are premade rebar products so important?

Premade rebar consists of steel elements that are later installed in a reinforced concrete structure. Rebar is a very important construction material that forms the final reinforcement body. It’s vital for the tensile strength of the reinforced concrete structure, which is a subject of multiple loads and climate influences. Reinforcement is responsible for the stability of the structure and its absence is unthinkable and incorrect choice of such would lead to serious damages. The material which rebar is made from is essential and must be taken into consideration according to the load. Professionalism, precise work and using high quality rebar are very important for the correct production of the construction.

Rebar, also known as Reinforcement, supports the durability of concrete during its exploitation. The most important reason for these two materials to combine so well is that concrete in combination with reinforcement can resist even bigger compressive and tensile loads. Both elements mutually support themselves resulting in higher durability of the reinforced concrete structure. Rebar doesn’t corrode and concrete becomes stronger.

Types of rebar steel:

Rebar steel can be separated into a few different types. They are steel for reinforcement in concrete with circular section; hot-rolled steel or steel with post-production thermal strengthening. These types of steel are delivered at the rebar yard of SmartMetalGroup in shape of rods or rolls.

Rebar steel is designed for non-pre-stressed reinforcement. According to its surface, rebar has the following types:
– smooth surface rebar;
– ribbed rebar with a periodical profile which has transversal ribs along its length.

Types of rebar products:

  • Flexible – made out of smooth steel. It’s produced with different diameters.
  • Rigid – made out of steel profiles.

There are also different types of rebar according to ot its position in the element:

  • Bearing reinforcement;
  • Assembly reinforcement;
  • Distribution reinforcement;

There are three types of Premade rebar products:

  • Linear premade rebar – includes assembly reinforcement and destribution reinforcement made out of straight steel rods;
  • Flat premade rebar – includes rebar mesh, reinforcement, stirrups or differently shaped rebars;
  • Three-dimensional rebars – includes rebar boxes for columns, beams, piles for deep foundations, bridge beams etc;

The following types of reinforcement according to the way rebars are connected to each other:

  • Welded reinforcement;
  • Half-welded reinforcement;
  • Tied up/knitted reinforcement;

The factors that you should take into consideration when choosing premade rebar products are:

  • What type of material are you going to be using (what class of steel, pure iron or different type of metal)
  • Diameter of the reinforcement;
  • Final shape of the premade rebar product;

The choice of rebar is made based on the needs of the specific building according to the design and project specifications. Every construction needs different sizes and types of premade rebar products. In case of bigger and more complex buildings a specific type of rebar might be required, sometimes in combination with reinforcement mesh, but for your own needs or for smaller constructions you can just use reinforcement bars instead.

Premade rebar manufactured by SmartMetalGroup!

Production of premade rebar products consists of cutting and bending of raw reinforcement steel. Our highly qualified team of engineers and workers provides high quality production of rebar products from certified steel according to the requirements of the designed construction. The reinforcement steels offered by SmartMetalGroup are manufactured according to BNS 4758 and BNS 9252 for reinforcement steels for concrete structures and welded rebar. We own modern technologies for processing the steel. We offer logistical services in Sofia and all parts of Bulgaria. Our capacity allows the production of 20-30 tonnes of premade rebar products per day. Our company owns several heavy vehicles with capacity 7-24 tons. With us, you get high quality, quick service and professional approach!

Smart Metal Group will be your faithful partner!

  • We offer premade rebar products, reinforcement elements and products.
  • We ship rebar products and boxes for all types of construction elements.
  • We produce not only reinforcement rods, but also mesh, boxes and everything you need for you construction site at TOP prices!
  • We offer a wide variety of accessories for installation of rebar: linear spacers, wheel spares and clip spacers; instruments for fastening of rebar and all types of wires.

Why to choose us?

Smart Metal Group is a company with over 10 years of experience in rebar trading. We guarantee our clients high-quality manufacturing of premade rebar products and high professionalism. To guarantee the comfort of our clients our company sticks to the following policy: in case you buy a product that doesn’t satisfy you, we will make it again and return your money.

While others work with metals, we work with people!

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