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We at Smart Metal Group offer wholesale and retail of various types of roof thermal panels . Here you will find polyurethane foam thermal panels , CTB type roof panels , ZOO roof panels and mineral wool roof thermal panels .

Roof panels are the modern solution when it comes to quickly building a new roof structure or repairing a separate part of the roof slope. Roof panels are the right choice for the construction of buildings and for any type of construction equipment, where it is necessary to bet on speed and good results. The application of roof panels in construction in recent years has become necessary thanks to advanced technology and proven advantages of mineral wool over other building materials .

Mineral wool roofing panels are widely used in the construction of buildings and facilities where the main goal is fire safety. Only mineral wool can enjoy the absolute security of non-combustible building material, the qualities of which are indisputably proven.

The characteristic of the roof panel is its structure – between two layers of steel elements with galvanized coating is placed the mineral wool itself. The thickness of the layer of mineral wool is according to the needs of construction. The roof panels are light, but at the same time successfully withstand loads. Another characteristic feature in the manufacture of roof panels is the folded corrugated surface – so. corrugations that do not allow the fire to spread. It is this shape, combined with the non-flammable mineral wool , that makes roof structures with mineral wool panels extremely fire resistant and above all safe.

Mineral wool roofing panels are easy to install , even for people with no experience in installing them. Mounting the panels is done through precision joints that prevent problems such as leaks and dust from overlapping an additional profile with an adjacent panel. If you still have difficulties, you can always turn to our experts. Smart Metal Group also offers installation of mineral wool roof panels for construction facilities and buildings over 100 sq.m. unfolded built-up площ.

Roof thermal panels are suitable for thermal insulation . They are moisture resistant and soundproof . These qualities are due to the mineral wool and its indisputably proven qualities. No additional funds are required for the maintenance of the mineral wool roof panels. Lightweight and easy to install , mineral wool roofing panels reduce construction time and at the same time save money on load-bearing materials. Energy efficient and economical!

Types of mineral wool roofing panels from Smart Metal Group ?

The roof thermal panels of mineral wool are made with 3 and 5 ribs. The type of roof panel depends on the function of the building and the required mechanical resistance to external influences.

Mineral wool roof panels with 3 ribs are more commonly used. They are characterized by lightness of construction combined with high durability. Roof panels do not load the structure, do not leak moisture and are resistant to external climatic influences . Mineral wool roof thermal panels are heat-insulating , but also fire-resistant .

The mineral wool roof panels with 5 ribs are durable, suitable for more severe weather conditions. They can withstand heavier loads such as snow cover and strong winds. Most ribs do not complicate the construction in any way, as the thermal insulation layer is again made of mineral wool.

Mineral wool roof panels are available in competitive prices from Smart Metal Group .
Minimum number to purchase: 1 piece (panel)
We offer cutting to individual assignment and specific shape according to customer requirements.
Mineral wool roof panels are made in gray and white. Smart Metal Group accepts orders for desired RAL panels.

Why choose Smart Metal Group?

We are a company with many years of experience in the sale of roof panels and as such we know how important it is to comply with the wishes of each of our customers. We at Smart Metal Group value quality and professionalism and therefore enjoy guaranteed trust for more than 10 years on the market. The experts of Smart Metal Group will get acquainted with your assignment and will offer you an individual offer . We are confident in our abilities, trust us too!

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