Importer of all types of panels for roofs and sandwitch type fences. All panels are of guaranteed high quality at competitive prices from Smart Metal Group

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Smart Metal Group are real professionalists in their work! They responded immediately to our inquiry and helped us in building our house fence project. They offered us a lot of interesting options and they fulfilled our order right after we finally decided which one is the perfect one for us. In some words: fair treatment and reasonable prices!

Private customer from Sofia

You rarely come across companies that can pay individual attention to each of their customers. I am satisfied with the respect of the consultants and I received quick anwers to all of my questions. Thanks to Smart Metal Group, we managed to keep up with the delays at our construction site. Thank you for the quick reaction and high quality of work!

Construction technician at a construction site in Sofia

When you work with rebar and big construction sites, the most important priorities are: quality of work, work execution speed and delivery in time. Smart Metal Group managed to cover all three requirements!

Engineer in Sofia

Why choose Smart Metal Group?

We at Smart Metal Group are aiming to build a company that not only deservedly stands at the top positions in the manufacturing and delivery of construction materials but also to be a leader in servicing our customers! We are constantly aiming to improve the quality of our service, to fulfill even faster and timely deliveries and to ensure strict control over the quality of our products!

Our company can offer personal attention and individual consultation for your construction site ot renovation. We offer fast deliveries of metals and premade rebar products in Sofia. We have our own workshop for welding and metal constructions. We also offer delivery of certified products such as fence nets and panels, thermopanels (sandwitch panels), construction chemistry, all types of construction tools to whole Bulgaria. We maintain availability in stock for our eager customers and we also offer haste and convenience when buying our products! All of them at super prices!

Contacts Bulgaria: Call us now at +359 876 836 490 or send us an email at !
Contacts Ukraine: Call us now at +380 93 580 8693 or send us an email at !

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