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What are tomato stakes?

Every experienced gardener knows how important it’s to properly care for plants, to improve their growth and to increase their yields. It’s usually needed thorough care. All the little things are important here. So don’t underestimate such seemingly insignificant details as stakes, which are used to maintain flowers and various vegetable crops, such as tomatoes.

Of course, the production of tomato stakes and other plants is not such a difficult task. It’s most likely that any gardener can handle it. But self-made stakes are unlikely to look very attractive. It’s much better when all the supports for your flowers and vegetables are absolutely the same, they will look tidy and create a certain style. Also, if you are going to make stakes with your own hands, you will most likely make them from wood, and such stakes will be very fragile and short-lived.
You can buy tomato stakes , other vegetable crops and flowers, from angle or rebar .Such stakes are characterized by high stability and reliability , they are protected from the harmful effects of many external factors and thus will serve you for years to come.

Where are tomato stakes used?

  •  The stakes can be used for tomatoes and other vegetable crops.
    Many vegetables require a support. You can choose the stakes that are right for your vegetables.
  • The stakes can be used for flowers.
    With stakes you can arrange flowers in the garden, as many plants in the flowering period need additional support, as the stem can hardly withstand the weight of the flower. With the support you can control and direct the development of different flowers.
  •  The stakes can be used for garden and houseplants.
    Both garden and houseplants need careful care and stakes . After all, only well-kept flowers can create comfort at home.
    Thanks to this simple product, your vegetables, flowers, houseplants and garden plants will always have safe maintenance and an aesthetic appearance..

The advantages of tomato stakes:

  • Less weight;
  • Absolute corrosion resistance;
  • Long service life;
  • Phenomenal strength;
  • They are easy to clean.

We offer tomato stakes from:

  • v-shaped steel :

35/35/3.2 Н 1.5;

  • rebar :

N 10 H 1.5;

Why choose us?

Smart Metal Group company with over 10 years of experience in production and trade of tomato stakes. The company offers its customers the production of tomato stakes with guaranteed quality and high professionalism. To ensure the comfort and tranquility of our customers, the company adheres to the following policy. If there is a case in which the prefabricated reinforcing steel doesn’t satisfy you, we will refund your money or make the workpiece again.

  • is in a convenient and communicative place
  • you are served by a personal consultant
  • has a wide range of metals and stock sizes
  • has many years of experience in the industry
  • executes your queries quickly
  • The production cycle lasts 10 days
  • We also ship within the European Union

While others work with metals, we work with people!

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