Gabion mounting accessories

Mounting gabions is as easy as child’s play!

Gabions are becoming more and more popular and  widely used in our country. They have an innovative vision and are suitable for any yard or garden. Gabions structure has the necessary  needs  to perform many functions and applications. They are suitable for both load-bearing elements and forms with a purely aesthetic function. Gabions are widely used in landscaping and for water decorations – for planting plants, artificial waterfalls, sculptures, etc.

Like any other structure, gabions require the necessary operations and construction and installation work to perform them. They are not at all complicated, as we have already said – they are easy as a child’s play. The installation of gabions does not require expensive equipment or serious knowledge and skills in the field. All it takes is patience, a little imagination and dexterity. Well, maybe some other tool and accessory, with which we are happy to provide you!

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Gabion structures consist of several main parts:

  • Filling or inert material for gabions – most often from rock materials, but in fact the possibilities are unlimited. There are many creative ideas for gabions with wood, glass, recycled plastics, etc.
  • Welded panels – made of metal mesh, they give and maintain the shape of the gabion. They can be braided or electro welded, made of wires of different thickness.
  • Spirals – are placed on the edges of the gabions. Their function is to unite the panels in a single figure, which should be structured with a constant shape and size.
  • Diaphragms – when the gabions are larger, larger deformations occur under the action of the own weight of the filling. To prevent deformation and possible destruction, additional metal panels are placed inside the gabion
  • Wire – sometimes it is necessary to use additional wire to attach this or that or to reinforce some critical points. It is also a good tool for combining several gabions into a single structure.
  • Tensioners – the tensioners are used to stretch the wire, as it grips them and with the help of tensile force a rectilinear shape is achieved.
  • Pliers – a tool without which any construction activity would be impossible. They are needed for bending and cutting the wire, for placing the spirals, etc.


    Gabion accessories and why you can’t do without them

    GabionGabions have a fairly high compressive and tensile strength and are suitable for various structures in infrastructure construction. The rock filling and the steel mesh combine perfectly to form a truly solid construction system. But in order to work together, the intervention of the accessories is also needed – they are those small elements that we mentioned above. With their help all interconnections are formed and the joint work of the gabions in one system is ensured.

Galvanized spirals for gabions

Spirals are connecting elements that are placed on the periphery of each gabion panel. They are made of high quality, thick wires that have the necessary tensile strength, through which they resist stresses on the edges of the gabion. Gabion spirals come in different lengths depending on the size of the gabion. Connecting two gabion panels is extremely easy – you place the two panels next to each other and wind the spiral, as it is necessary for the end to pass through the holes of both panels. You wind the spiral to the end and you’re done – the panels are assembled. Repeat these steps with the other panels until you get the assembled gabion. The spirals are included in every gabion set offered by Smart Metal Group! At the customer’s request we can make spirals with different thicknesses (F) of the wires.

Galvanized tensioners for gabions

Tensioners – metal wires bend under the action of various forces. In order to keep the shape of the wires and steel nets, they need to be firmly fastened and stretched. Tensioners are used for this purpose – they are steel elements that are placed at the ends of the panel. The steel wire is tied to the tensioners with pliers, which need to be pre-applied tensile force in the wires to acquire a linear shape. The use of tensioners limits the deformations and sags in the gabions, thus prolonging their life and keeping their shape unchanged over time.

Gabion wire is an integral part of gabion assembly. Its function is ancillary, being used to attach and strengthen gabion panels. The gabion wire is available in different thicknesses and has a galvanized coating, which protects it from the harmful effects of the environment. In order for a gabion system as a whole to work, it is necessary to ensure strong connections between the individual elements. Of course, achieving a monolithic structure is impossible, but with the help of wire gabions could be tied to work together. Both spirals and wire are available in each Smart Metal Group gabion kit.

To install gabions you need to have some tools. The most commonly used for this purpose are pliers. With their help you can bend, tie, stretch and cut the gabion wire. Pliers are also used for winding spirals when you do not have the opportunity for a good grip, and also protect against injuries, as you work at a certain distance from the metal edges of the nets. Smart Metal Group also offers tools for automatic wire tying, with the help of which you can twist and tie the wire with just one pull.

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Smart Metal Group is a company with over 10 years of experience in the trade and production of gabions. We work only with high quality materials and proven suppliers to offer the best possible products on the market both in Bulgaria and abroad. The gabion accessories of Smart Metal Group are distinguished by unsurpassed quality and variety. With us you will find all the small additional tools with which to assemble the gabions for your yard or garden. Do not hesitate and contact us for a free consultation!

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