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Delivery methods of gabions

  • Pick-up from our warehouse in Sofia, 67 Okolovrasten pat Str.
  • Delivery by Econt courier – delivery to Econt’s office or customer’s address. Orders are taken from our address Sofia, 67 Okolovrasten Pat Str.
  • Delivery via Transpress – deliveries to the address of a palletized shipment with Transpress. An additional pallet or rent of one is paid. It is used for loads over 50 kg, for smaller shipments at the customer’s request.
  • Delivery by courier ordered by the customer.

Deliveries of gabions to:

Blagoevgrad, Burgas, Varna, Veliko Tarnovo, Vidin, Vratsa, Gabrovo, Dobrich, Kardzhali, Kyustendil, Lovech, Montana, Pazardzhik, Pernik, Pleven, Plovdiv, Razgrad, Ruse, Silistra, Sliven, Smolyan, Sofia , Stara Zagora, Targovishte, Haskovo, Shumen, Yambol.

Delivery time of gabions:

Delivery time minimum 5 working days, depending on the number of ordered gabions. Available in stock of woven and welded gabions can check on +359888 050 367.

What are gabions?

Gabions are three-dimensional mesh structures that are filled with river or quarry stones. For the production of these structures, is used a double-twisted metal mesh, which gives the gabion strength and allows the loads to be evenly distributed. Such an organic fence fits into any landscape.

Gabions are very easy and practical to work with, as they choose a natural material to fill them with and pour it into the metal structure. This greatly facilitates their installation, regardless of the reason for which it is used. The gabions are made of welded steel bars of rods with a diameter of 5 to 6 mm, galvanized by the method of hot-dip galvanizing, which protects against corrosion for decades. The coating allows the gabions to be painted in different colors.

Types of gabions

Заварени поцинковани габиони

Electro Welded gabions

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Knitted gabions

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Декоративни габиони от Смарт Метал Груп

Decorative gabions

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The main types of gabion constructions:

  • Cubes are in the form of a box or a parallelepiped. Cube gabions are a massive structure of double-twisted mesh, most often galvanized, hot-dip galvanized or Galfan. The cells of the gabions are filled with different types of inert materials such as rock fragments and others. This type of gabion structures are the most popular and are the most versatile application in construction, home and garden. They are mainly used for retaining walls, fences, landscaping or with a decorative function.
  • Gabions mattress are in the form of a parallelepiped with a small height, which have a large surface area. Gabion mattresses are filled with pieces of rock. They are widely used in covering large areas that need to be strengthened, in the construction of canals, rivers, culverts, ravines and others. They are made of double-twisted galvanized wire mesh.
  • Cylindrical gabions are structures of gabions that have a cylindrical shape. They are most often used for the construction of towers, columns and decorative elements, they are filled with inert materials such as rock pieces or decorative materials. They are most often produced from an electro welded network.
  • Green gabion systems are used to improve the soil. Ais gabion structure built, which is placed on the ground, filled with earth and plantings are placed. Gabions are literally implanted in the ground, allowing the development of new green vegetation on difficult or depleted terrain. It is recommended to add geotextile under the base. Over time, the gabion hides under the vegetation. Green gabion systems are the easiest way to restore green cover on a given terrain.

In addition, gabions can be divided into several other types, according to the method of production:

  • Electric welded gabions – stable and easy to install. They can be filled with river or quarry stones, but other ecological materials can also be used. Smart Metal Group offers different sized modules of electric welded gabions with a wire diameter of 3.00 mm and 4.00, with different hole sizes and shapes (square or rectangle). We also offer galvanized electro welded gabions, as well as possible production according to a customer’s project or drawing. Electric welded gabions are suitable for creating fences, walls, artificial stepped yards, decorative elements in the garden and more.
  • Knitted gabions – this is another type of gabions, their lattice and wire differs from that of electro welded very easily. They have a very wide application in construction because they are extremely durable in contact with water and can withstand heavy loads. They are suitable for the creation of fortifications at canals, walls, riverbeds, banks and landslide protection. They are made of galvanized double-twisted wire mesh 3 mm. We at SmartMetalGroup offer quality workmanship of knitted gabions with different sizes and sizes per eye at a competitive price. Due to the specific production of knitted gabions, individual orders are not accepted.

Both these and other structures can be divided into sections by means of diaphragms, which are mounted every meter in length. Gabion structures are filled manually or mechanically, most often with stones, eventually forming a flexible, permeable structure in the form of a retaining wall. Over time, the structure merges with the environment and becomes part of the natural landscape.

Gabions are characterized by structural integrity for long service life.

Advantages of gabions

  • Flexibility of the gabion constructions of Smart Metal Group – they are able to withstand external loads without breaking. Gabions absorb possible water from the soil without destroying the structure itself. In conditions of unstable soils, and in areas where there is erosion, quality is especially important.
  • Durability of gabions – the grid from which the  made gabions of Smart Metal Group, has a variable tensile strength of 3500-5000 kg per linear meter. Thanks to this, the construction of gabions can withstand any type of load.
  • Gabion permeability – the high permeability of the gabion eliminates the occurrence of hydrostatic loads. Their drainage and stability makes them an ideal solution for protecting slopes from erosion.
  • Durability of gabion structures – is the efficiency of gabions does not decrease, but increases with age, as for years the soil between the cavities of the gabions is compacted and vegetation begins to grow on their surface. Thus, the gabions are transformed into environmentally friendly building blocks.
  • Economy of gabions as a solution – gabion structures are much more economical than rigid or semi-rigid structures. Gabions as a solution are characterized by the following advantages: low operating costs; the minimum amount of work on preparation of the foundation for the building structure; simple design that does not require skilled labor to install; no costs are required for the construction of drainage systems, as gabions do not have a high density and have a high permeability of the structure.
  • Environmental in the use of gabions – due to the fact that friendliness gabions do not interfere with the growth of vegetation and combine with the environment, they are natural building blocks for landscaping.

Chemical composition of gabions

The wire mesh used for the production of gabions is made of steel wire with Galfan coating or heavy galvanizing. To give resistance to aggressive chemical environments, the grid is additionally covered with a coating polyvinyl chloride. The PVC coating protects the gabions from corrosion. The specially woven mesh, which is used for the production of gabions, allows in case of mechanical damage to the structure to remain intact and not to deform further.

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