Galfan gabion – double resistance to corrosion and rust

Galfan gabions, coated with an alloy of 5 percent zinc and aluminum, are among the highest quality corrosion-resistant gabions. They are widely used for lining canals, shore fortifications, retaining walls and other protective equipment. The galfan layer is applied in a two-stage coating technology. The first step is the coating zinc, which can be done in two ways – hot dip or galvanizing electric galvanizing. The next, final step is immersion in a bath with a minimum content of aluminum 7.2% to prevent quality disturbance during processing. In this way a double protective coating is formed, which is able to resist the corrosive action of both fresh and salt and groundwater.

Advantages of Galfan gabions

Smooth surface – the coating is continuous, even and smooth, without sticky particles and pieces of material. Their use is completely safe and galfan gabions do not cause injury to workers handling them. The surface does not cause irritation and wounds when working with them, but still Smart Metal Group recommends the strict use of personal protective equipment when working in galfan gabions. In addition, the smooth surface makes the gabions aesthetic and bright in color – perfect for decorative equipment.

Better corrosion resistance – when galfan gabions are placed in a corrosive environment, the aluminum coating forms an oxidized layer that resists the corrosive action of water. When the oxidized layer breaks down, it is the turn of the zinc layer to prevent corrosion. This makes galfan gabions more resistant to corrosion than galvanized gabions.

High tensile strength – made of wires with high tensile strength, galfan gabions provide stability and strength even in harsh conditions and areas with a high degree of impact of various nature – mechanical loads, weathering, chemical effects and more.

Environmentalfriendliness galfan gabions are non-toxic and do not cause harmful effects on soil, water and the environment. In addition, galfan gabions provide good circulation of air, water and sunlight to ensure healthy growth plant. They are durable and do not require additional processing and maintenance with various chemical additives.

High benefits and value – the price of galfan gabions is slightly higher than that of galvanized gabions, but better corrosion protection and longer service life justify this value. Galfan gabions do not require constant maintenance, which reduces operating costs. Their long life makes them much cheaper over time because they require less resources to maintain.

Types of Galfan Gabions

Galfan gabions can be made in different configurations and geometries to fit into different situations. They differ in production technology, network structure, height of gabions , etc.

Electro Welded galfan gabion – for electro welded galfan gabions ,are used wires coated with galfan, which are then welded to rigid and solid frames with square nets. These frames are then connected to C-clamps, U-clamps, helical wires or elastic wires. The welded type of galfan gabions is used mainly for decorative purposes:

  • hearths of galfan gabions;
  • retaining walls of galfan gabions;
  • landscaping with galfan gabions;

Wicker Galfan GabionWicker galfan gabions are the most common type of gabion. Wires Coated with Galfan,are entwined with each other to form a hexagonal knitted panels.Panels of different sizes are combined into cells, which are then filled with stones or soil. Knitted galfan gabions are commonly used for:

  • retaining walls;
  • lining of channels;
  • coastal fortification;
  • flood control;
  • coastal control;

Box type- usually the height of this type of gabions  is 1 m, with a maximum of 1.5 m. If you need higher gabions,stack you canthem on top of each other until you reach the desired height. Box-gabions types are used for lining channels and performing retaining walls. They have high strength and are strong enough to withstand external loads.

Mattress type – usually the height of the gabions mattress type gabions does not exceed 1 m, as their height usually varies from 17 to 50 cm, but can also be made mattress gabions to order. Compared with gabions type box gabions, mattresses are more flexible and are preferred in strengthening watercourses, strengthening embankments and slopes and other coating applications.

Double-twisted type of galfan gabionsdouble-twisted is the most common and often used type of gabion structure. They are solid enough and can be applied to almost all sites. They are more economical than triple-twisted ones, as the production technology requires less mechanization.

Triple-twisted galfan gabionTriple-twisted galfan gabions  have higher tensile strength than double-twisted. They are suitable for more responsible facilities where construction output is expected to be heavier. They are applied in case of increased interaction with external forces such as floods, tides, landslide pressure , etc.


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