Galvanized gabions – electric galvanizing and hot dip galvanizing

Galvanized gabions are the most common type of gabions. They are made of galvanized steel wires with different zinc coating depending on the amount used to cover the steel. Galvanized gabions are divided depending on their  technology – hot-dip galvanized gabions and electro-galvanized gabions.

Electrically galvanized gabions – have a thin zinc coating that does not exceed 90 g / sq.m. Zinc coating has incredible anti-corrosion properties to protect gabions from environmental influences. The most important feature of electrically galvanized gabions is economy. They are suitable for cases with a limited budget and the need for high quality products.

Hot-dip galvanized gabionshot-dip galvanized gabions are made of wires of different diameters and have a zinc coating that does not exceed 200 g / sq.m. The thick zinc coating makes hot-dip galvanized gabions resistant to harsh weather conditions, even in chemical, saline, humid or other corrosive environments. Hot-dip galvanized gabions are widely used in coastal fortification, river correction and other responsible facilities with corrosive and abrasive media. Although the price is higher than electrically galvanized gabions, hot- dip galvanized gabions have a longer service life and better visual characteristics, which justifies the price.

Galvanized braided gabionsthe galvanized wires are woven into hexagonal mesh panels of different sizes, after which these panels are assembled by wire sheathing to form cells of different shapes and sizes. There are no welding points on the surface of the gabion, so they can be used in wetter environments to strengthen banks, protect bridges, correct rivers and other hydraulic projects.

Galvanized electric welded gabions – the connections between the individual are welded wires, forming flat panels with a number of square grids, called galvanized electric welded gabions. Galvanized electric welded gabions are massive and stiff enough to withstand the effects of the environment. They are widely used for decorative purposes – landscape designs of gabions, fireplaces and hearths of gabions, garden furniture,art aqua, retaining walls and other decorative and functional structures.

Galvanized gabions can be made at different heights to serve in different situations. Depending on the height, galvanized gabions can be divided into galvanized gabion boxes and galvanized gabion mattresses.

Galvanized gabion boxes are over 1 meter high. Usually the maximum height is 1.5 meters to ensure stability and strength. If you need a higher gabion structure, you can stack the gabions on top of each other.

Galvanized gabion mattresses – compared to gabion boxes,  they are significantly more elastic and multifunctional. With a height of not more than 1 meter, gabions mattress can be used for various applications such as reinforcement of slopes reinforcement of watercourses, coastal protection, protection of bridges and many other applications.

Characteristics of galvanized gabions

  • Corrosion protectiondip galvanizing protects gabions from corrosion and rust;
  • Resistance to acids and bases – incredible chemical stability makes gabions applicable in the toughest environments;
  • High tensile strength – high quality materials provide high tensile strength of gabions, which makes them resistant to heavy loads;
  • Wide applicability – galvanized gabions can be used with protective and decorative functions for various objects.
  • Economy – various materials and technologies are used to meet all needs and budgets;
  • Environmental- gabion structures support the healthy growth of plants, thus they perfectly match  with the environment;

Application of galvanized gabions

Galvanized gabions can be used for various purposes, some of the most basic are:

  • retaining walls;
  • lining of channels;
  • protection of bridges;
  • protection of dam walls;
  • protection of riverbeds;
  • slope protection;
  • coastal protection;
  • flood control;
  • correction of rivers;

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