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What is a spring wire galvanized Audi wire?

Today, security and protection of facilities and sites is of paramount economic importance. Each entity guards its territory in a different way and with the use of different materials. It is often not effective. But what exactly does SmartMetalGroup offer you? We offer you Audi galvanized spring wire . This is a galvanized strip on which spikes or thorns are stamped. This product is a proven way that is deservedly in high demand. In addition to high quality, it has an affordable price .

What is an Audi galvanized spring wire cord used for?

Galvanized strips began to be actively patented in 1870. Only new types of spikes were created, but the principle of barbed wire remains the same. Initially, barbed wire was used to store livestock. However, the US military became interested in this type of enclosure, and began to accept it for defensive purposes. Barbed wire was used as a means of protection from enemies, as well as to guard prison camps against escape. Barbed wire is actively used in concentration camps, after which it became a symbol of tyranny and slavery. Barbed wire was often used during World Wars. Barbed wire prevented German troops from penetrating many territories. However, barbed wire was a perfect fence only for infantry troops. They soon created special machines that made it easy to cross the barbed wire fence . In addition, the barbed wire had one major drawback, it could be cut with tools. It was replaced with a galvanized spring wire vest , which was forged with sharp spikes and knives. Production of spring wire galvanized Audi wire type started in Germany. The reason for the appearance of such a strip is the economical moment, which makes vest spring wire type galvanized much cheaper than the production of barbed wire and in addition, it is much more efficient because it is made made of steel alloy, which is a very strong and high quality material. Very often, vein spring wire type galvanized is connected to electricity, mostly used for fencing some large sites (prisons, secret organizations, industrial enterprises, farms, etc.). Electro galvanized spring wire wire , which is connected to electricity, is practically the best way to protect objects, it cannot be cut or skipped. Today, the galvanized spring wire vest is associated with low voltage, which is not fatal. In general, vein spring wire galvanized type or live barbed wire is used to respect violators. As long-term use of current is not economical, special sensors are now used that release current during action, movement around the object.

Advantages of vest spring wire type galvanized

Now vest spring wire type galvanized is the starting material for the production of various types of fences for security and safety. Spring wire type Audi galvanized and is produced by stamping of galvanized sheet steel . Sharp spikes located symmetrically on both sides of the tape obtained by stamping have high retarding and inhibitory properties, and the intruder cannot get rid of them, causing serious damage while trying to overcome it. . Spring wire galvanized wire is harder to cut using cutters than regular barbed wire.

Buildings and sites that use galvanized spring wire vest type are much more safely protected from external encroachments and illegal actions in the protected areas:

  • hazardous industrial and energy industries;
  • industrial production with limited staff access;
  • closed administrative and industrial zones;
  • military sites, in violation of borders, which may increase the risk of injury to the site itself or its employees;

And in general destinations:

  • general industrial and transport production (enterprises);
  • residential and agricultural areas (suburban and horticultural cooperatives, land);
  • territories of agricultural land and enterprises; – territories of large and small enterprises;
  • territories of individual sites, etc.

The design of the spring wire galvanized wire vest is very simple and at the same time safe. Unlike standard barbed wire, which is made entirely of low-carbon wire , usually uncoated, the construction of vest spring wire type galvanized uses high-carbon steel wire coated with zinc , and also barbed tape made of galvanized coiled steel. Spring-loaded galvanized wire vest wire has perfect protection from damage and corrosion , maintenance-free . The barbed wire itself has a strong psychological effect, which when trying to penetrate a protected area, causes serious injuries. Low cost, ease of transportation and the ability to build fences with high heights – from an economic point of view vest spring wire type Audi galvanized significantly wins compared to other protective fences.

Chemical composition of vest spring wire type Audi galvanized

High mechanical characteristics of the materials ( strength, hardness, elasticity ) used in the production of vest spring wire type galvanized , make it practically impossible for tearing or cutting without specialized tools. The use of galvanized steel provides vest spring wire type galvanized high corrosion resistance and extends the service life not less than 25 years. >

Why choose us?

SmartMetalGroup is a company with over 10 years of experience in the trade of galvanized spring wire wire . The company offers its customers the production of veined spring wire type galvanized Audi with guaranteed quality and high professionalism. To ensure the comfort and tranquility of our customers, the company adheres to the policy: in case you buy a product and it does not satisfy you, we will make it again or return your money.


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