Installation of gabions

The purchase of gabions is now possible from the comfort of your home! Smart Metal Group offers its customers the convenience to order through our online platform for gabions – Order of Gabions. Call +359 876 83 64 90 to get a personal consultation for the most suitable type and size of gabions for your specific case! Our employees will make the best offer at a competitive price for your conditions!

Due to the uniqueness of each site and the various challenges facing our team, the formation of the final price of the offer is obtained after a preliminary inspection of the site.

We try to achieve maximum satisfaction of our customers and we always work at full speed for the timely execution of all orders. We make the gabions ordered by you within a minimum of 14 days from the date of acceptance of the offer by the client.

For our clients we offer the opportunity to order gabions in the type you want – complete or disassembled. If you wish, we can assemble the gabions you ordered in our reinforcement yard at 67 Okolovrasten Pat Street, so that you can get them ready for installation!

Smart Metal Group offers installation of gabions in Sofia region

We at Smart Metal Group have over 10 years of experience in the trade and installation of gabions and gabion systems. We offer installation services of gabions to our clients from Sofia region at TOP prices! We install gabions in small and medium-sized sites

    • gabions for the yard;
    • garden gabions;
    • gabions for parks;
    • gabions for landscape objects;
    • gabions for malls and retail outlets;
    • gabions for fences;

Contact us to discuss your ideas. We fulfill orders for small and medium-sized sites for residential and public buildings of different types with landscaping of different nature, and we also provide transport of gabions. Smart Metal Group does not offer installation of gabions for large and infrastructural sites for strengthening slopes and embankments, dam walls, landslide reinforcement and others, as they require highly specialized engineering control by specialists.

What are gabions and why choose them over other landscaping options?

Gabions are construction systems consisting mainly of two components – electrowelded mesh (for electrowelded gabions) or braided mesh (for braided gabions) and filler, which usually consists of river or quarry rock fragments. Gabions are extremely high-strength materials, and they are able to withstand large loads both from their own weight and from earth masses or other structural loads. Gabions have an extremely long service life, as the steel nets from which they are made are treated with different coatings – galvanized gabions and galfan gabions, and rock materials are able to withstand weather conditions. There are many geometric configurations for gabions – gabions cubes, gabions parallelepipeds, gabions mattresses, potted gabions, decorative gabions of various shapes.

Installation is the most important

However high-strength and stable the gabions may be, when placed incorrectly, they cannot perform their functions. It is necessary for the gabions to be selected correctly depending on the specific situation and the function they will perform. When placing them, the drainage of the surrounding terrain must be taken into account, because during a longer stay in water the protective coating loses its properties and the gabions are slowly but surely destroyed by corrosion.

The base under the gabions must be well aligned and compacted, as as a result of the impact of the loads the ground base yields, which can lead to the destruction of the entire structure. The gabions must be mounted vertically to transmit the load in the most appropriate way possible. The filling material of the gabions must be in accordance with the size of the mesh opening, as no material falls out of the gabion. The gabions must be stacked in a checkerboard pattern, providing stable interconnections between them so that they can work together to take the loads.

Why choose us?

Smart Metal Group is a company with over 10 years of experience in the production and installation of gabions. We work with a team of specialists with extensive experience in the design and installation of gabions and gabion systems. We produce for our customers high quality construction products with a long service life!

“Smart Metal Group”

  • convenient and communicative place
  • you get a personal consultant
  • wide range of metals and sizes in stock
  • many years of experience in the industry
  • we fulfill requests quickly
  • the production cycle lasts 10 days
  • we make deliveries within the European Union

While others work with metals, we work with people!

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