Strengthening slopes and bridges

Geogrids are used to reinforce massive slopes and bridges with loose, unreliable structures. They serve as an excellent barrier to prevent landslides as well as to solve many other problems.

Advantages of the geogrid 

  • Volumetric geogrids are used to strengthen steep slopes in an innovative way, with many positive qualities and characteristics.
  • The geogrid is installed to keep the terrain stable and to ensure the safe movement of vehicles on bridges and other sections of the road. 
  • The structure of the cells allows food, water and soil organisms to move without any obstacles. This facilitates plant growth, which further helps for a healthier soil structure. 


The Installation of the geogrids starts after the correct preparation of the terrain for the paving with mesh geotextile, after which the geocells are placed. The cells are filled with a mixture of gravel and soil. Proper placement of the material effectively strengthens the slope and creates a massive soil layer.

Final Result

The slopes are perfectly protected from erosion, while providing a “grass” cover.


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