Безшевни тръби на страхотни цени от Ди Енд Джи ООД

What is seamless tubing

The sphere of metal pipes is very wide. We offer a wide selection of quality materials.
Seamless metal pipes are one of the variants of metal pipes without direct or spiral seam. Seamless metal pipe has the same strength along the entire length and no vulnerabilities. Unlike welded analogues, which are made of sheet metal by welding the edges, it’s made by hot or cold rolling. In the case of hot-rolled pipes , the blank with a circular cross-section is heated, pierced and stretched using special equipment to achieve the desired diameter and wall thickness.
Seamless pipes are important elements for the construction of various industrial and building structures. The main advantage lies in the absence of any seams in the structure of such a pipe.
With us you can buy different types of metal pipes both wholesale and retail.

Field of application of seamless pipes

Smart Metal Group offers a variety of high quality metal pipes , including seamless metal pipes for plumbing and sewerage. seamless pipes for heating, seamless pipes for gas and a wide range of other types of metal pipes.
They are popular in various fields of construction and industry: , mechanical engineeringspace research, utilities and etc. They are also used in the aircraft industry, shipbuilding and many other areas of the economy and agriculture.

Seamless metal pipes are used for laying pipelines that require increased strength and reliability of each unit, as in the oil and chemical industries.
They are also often used in the manufacture of pipelines for large and small enterprises.

Advantages of seamless pipes:

  • The biggest advantage of seamless metal products is the complete absence of seams, which makes them almost invulnerable;
  • Good corrosion protection;
  • Strength;
  • Resistance to external influences;
  • Long service life.

Chemical composition of seamless pipes

Metal seamless tubes have high tensile strength . The starting material for such pipes is steel of different classes – depending on the type of product and its future application. The length of the pipe can be up to 12.5 m, the wall thickness varies in the range of 3-40 mm, and the diameter is equal to 23-530 mm.

Why to choose us?

Smart Metal Group is a company with over 10 years of experience in the trade of seamless pipes . The company offers its customers the production of seamless pipes with guaranteed quality and high professionalism. To ensure the comfort and tranquility of our customers, the company adheres to the policy: in case you buy a product and it doesn’t satisfy you, we will make it again or return your money.

Smart Metal Group

  • is in a convenient and communicative place;
  • is served by a personal consultant;
  • has a wide range of metals and stock sizes;
  • has many years of experience in the industry;
  • executes your queries quickly;
  • The production cycle lasts 10 days;
  • We also ship within the European Union;

While others work with metals, we work with people!

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