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Buy your yard and garden fence quickly and easily with just a few mouse clicks! Smart Metal Group offers a wide variety of products for fencing systems. We have different types of fence systems in stock – fence columns, fence nets with different coatings, fence panels, fence accessories, wrought iron products and much more! Call +359 876 83 64 90 to contact our consultant who will guide you to the best fencing system solution! Email us at if you would like complete and clear information. Our staff will work out the best deal for you!

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Installation of fence systems
Smart Metal Group offers to its clients services related to the installation of fence systems. We are a company with over 10 years of experience in the trade and installation of fence systems and we work with a team that can handle any challenge. We offer a wide range of technologies and products for fencing systems, the choice is yours!

We install fence systems of different nature – from lightweight fence columns and fence panels to concrete and gabion fences. We accept requests for the installation of all types of fences on the territory of Sofia and the region, and it is necessary to carry out a preliminary inspection of the place of installation, as well as to discuss the choice for a specific fence system. You can choose from a wide range of materials for making fencing systems, depending on your personal preference.

You can contact us at +359 876 83 64 90 or at Our consultants will give you the information you need in an accessible way. Our employees are highly competent in materials and fencing systems and will offer you the best possible option for your case!

Structure of the fence system

The fence system is a construction product with a relatively simple structure. It consists mainly of a supporting fence structure and guardrails. It is necessary that the fence system is able to withstand loads of different nature – wind, impact, bending of different nature, collision, etc. For this reason, the supporting structure of the fence is a very responsible fragment, which must be made of high quality and secure materials.

The enclosing elements of the fence system must provide a physical, and in some cases visual, protective function. Fence panels are the elements that fulfill the actual function of the fence system – to restrict, protect and close the desired object. Their configuration may vary depending on the type of fence system selected. Some enclosures provide only physical protection, while others can provide visual, noise and hydro protection.

Types of fencing systems
There are numerous types of materials for making fencing systems. Their function and combination determine the final function of the fence system. Fence systems are basically of two types – solid and light fence systems.

Massive fence systems usually provide physical, visual and noise protection for the objects behind it. They are made of different materials depending on the specific construction conditions and the desired end result. The main materials for solid fence systems are concrete, wood, plastics, metal sheets, gabions. Massive fencing systems need more heavy load-bearing elements due to their increased weight than lightweight fencing systems. They are dense and have high strength properties, bearing heavy loads of wind, impact and self-weight. They can be made in much larger sizes than lightweight fencing systems. Despite their heavier appearance, solid fence systems can be aesthetically shaped to give a beautiful finish to your yard or garden.

Lightweight fence structures consist of fence panels or fence nets, fence columns, fence accessories – fasteners, caps, reinforcement elements. Lightweight fence systems feature exceptional airiness and ease. They have a significantly lower body weight than solid fences. Lightweight fences provide physical protection, but not visual and noise protection. The fence panels and fence nets are made of high quality steel wires that can carry large loads and pass them on to the fence columns. It is imperative that a concrete or reinforced concrete linear foundation be used under each lightweight fence to ensure proper loading and transfer of loads from the fence columns to the ground.

Why choose us?
We at Smart Metal Group invest our resources in the satisfaction of our customers. With over 10 years of experience in the sale and installation of fence systems, we have been able to gain the trust of our customers. We fulfill all our orders with extreme speed and precision, and the end result is always positively evaluated!

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