What is barbed wire?

Barbed wire is wire that has sharp spikes along its entire length. It is available in rolls and with different diameter sizes. It is most commonly used to build simple and inexpensive fences . Barbed wire is often galvanized to make it more durable and resistant to adverse external conditions and corrosion.

Scope of galvanized barbed wire:

Barbed wire is most often used to build reliable and secure fences and fences or to improve existing ones. Barbed wire provides reliable protection for various types of objects due to its sharp spikes. In this way, it is almost invulnerable to external encroachments. It is easy to use and can actually cover up to 3 times the area of ​​a regular wire mesh . Barbed wire is not known for its aesthetic qualities, so it is more widely used in industrial and agricultural sites, outside the urban environment, as it creates a depressing and unattractive atmosphere. In addition, it can cause unwanted injuries. It is often the preferred choice to restrict the movement of different herds of animals. Barbed wire is mainly used for the following activities:

  • Fencing of playgrounds for dogs. This is one of the methods to prevent people from being attacked by animals, as well as to allow an animal to go outside the place.
  • Demarcation of protected areas with adjacent roads.
  • Separation of pastures and territories of different species of animals.
  • For fencing orchards, vines and other plantations;
  • During construction works and fencing of certain sites (prisons, borders, etc.)
  • When fencing production and storage areas in order to strengthen and protect fencing facilities.
  • When fencing military sites and strengthening fencing facilities in order to prevent external access.

The advantages of barbed wire:

Barbed wire has several advantages over other types of wire . It is resistant to external influences and difficult to access. To increase its durability, it is galvanized . Zinc coating protects it from adverse weather conditions and increases its corrosion resistance. Other advantages of galvanized barbed wire :

  • galvanized barbed wire is available at a low price ;
  • galvanized wire has a long service life;
  • barbed wire is easy to transport and store;
  • barbed wire is easy to install;
  • barbed wire provides an opportunity to build high fences.

Offered types of barbed wire from Smart Metal Group:

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