рифелова ламарина в София

Checker sheet is used for flooring, cladding and more activities related to the decoration of buildings and premises. Thicker sheets of corrugated iron can also be used to make stairwells, steps and terraces. Rifle sheet is obtained by hot processing of steel sheet, so it has very high strength and very good physical and mechanical properties. We at Smart Metal Group offer our customers a really high quality product at a very good market price.

Rifle sheet prices, sizes and specifications:

Thickness (mm)

Weight kg / sq.m

Dimensions (mm)





25,55 51,10 кг 79,84 кг 114,97 кг


33,40 66,80 104,38 150,31


41,25 82,50 128,91 185,63


49,10 98,20 153,44 220,95

Smart Metal Group is a company with over 10 years of experience in the trade of corrugated iron. The company offers its customers corrugated iron with guaranteed quality and very good price. To ensure the comfort and tranquility of our customers, the company adheres to the policy: in case you buy a product and it doesn’t satisfy you, we will make it again or we will refund your money. Why to choose us?

Smart Metal Group

  • is in a convenient and communicative place
  • is served by a personal consultant
  • has a wide range of metals and stock sizes
  • has many years of experience in the industry
  • executes your queries quickly
  • The production cycle lasts 10 days
  • We also ship within the European Union

While others work with metals, we work with people!


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