How can I purchase Reinforcement Mesh?

Reinforcement meshes and grids – a variety of wire diameter and size of the openings. You can call us for your personal consultation at +359 876 836 490 or you can send us an email at . Our consultants will immediately check your assignments and designs and will contact you with a personal offer and prices.

Now you can order reinforcement meshes and grids online:

Арматурна мрежа

What is a Reinforcement Mesh and what it is used for?

Reinforcement meshes and reinforcement grids have a wide variety of application in construction when pouring slabs, ramps, underlying concrete. Different diameters of wires, grid size and cell openings are offered. The appropriate type of reinforcement mesh ensures construction resistance of the building and it is undoubtedly needed when working with reinforcement concrete structures. That is why it’s essential for the reinforcement mesh to be professionally manufactured and with high quality. The undeniable benefit of reinforcement grid is clearly noticeable in the process of every serious construction. No matter if you just build your house or villa or we doing an important large-scale project it’s certain that their execution is almost impossible without using a well selected reinforcement mesh.

Types of Reinforcement Mesh:

There are different kinds of reinforcement mesh. They differ in several basic indicators. In general, we can systematize different types of mesh of 3 important features:

1. Surface of the reinforcement mesh;
2. Wire diameter (Ф) of the reinforcement mesh;
3. Cell size (the length of both sizes ex. 20×20 cm);

It’s safe to say that the things that mostly differ reinforcement mesh are their parameters regarding their size. First, it’s very important to take into consideration the thickness of the wires. Besides the diameter, the size and shape of the cells of the mesh is also very important – it can be rectangular, square or diamond-shaped. These parameters are indicated after the diameter of the reinforcement rods. Length and width of the mesh is also important as for the most meshes it is 5×2.15 m. The most important factor for mesh durability is the diameter of the wires that varies from Ф4 to Ф10. We offer reinforcement mesh with different surfaces as most common are 4x2m 5x2m 6x2m. The size of the cells is also very important because the smaller it is the more material will be used for making the mesh, therefore making it more expensive. All that combined, most of the time you’ll see the type of a reinforcement mesh in such a way: Ф8mm – 20x20cm – 5×2.15m.

Usual prices for reinforcement mesh:

Given the explanations in the previous paragraph, we can easily point out the usual prices for reinforcement mesh. For example, the price for a reinforcement mesh Ф4mm – 20x20cm – 2x4m is approximately 16 lv. Increasing the size we can see a change in the pricing of reinforcement mesh. For example, a reinforcement mesh with a slightly bigger surface and with smaller cell Ф4mm – 15x15cm – 2x6m costs approximately 25 lv. This is usual considering the fact that more material is used for its production. It’s very important to note that if you purchase bigger amounts of reinforcement mesh you will see that the price is changed from ‘per count’ to ‘per kilogram’ and might be lower.

What do we need reinforecement mesh for?

In general, the benefits of reinforcement mesh can be seen in every big construction. The proper reinforcement mesh provides constructive stability of the structure and without a doubt is necessary when working with reinforced concrete structures. No matter if we build a house, a villa or a big important administrative building or any type of facility, it’s certain that we can’t succeed without the help of carefully chosen reinforcement mesh.

Reinforcement mesh – prices and types from Smart Metal Group Sofia


Актуални цени на дребно за арматурна мрежа от Смарт Метал Груп. Цените са с ДДС!

Production, shipping and prices of reinforcement mesh:

  • Sizes of reinforcement mesh with 15×15 opening are made on a custom assignment!
  • Reinforcement meshes and grids are produced by SmartMetalGroup at Okolovrusten put str., Sofia.
  • We ship to all parts of Bulgaria.
  • All reinforcement meshes and grids are at TOP prices in Bulgaria! Our consultants will create a personal offer for you! is a company with over 10 years of experience in reinforcement mesh trading. We guarantee our clients high-quality manufacturing of reinforcement meshes and grids and high professionalism. To guarantee the comfort of our clients our company sticks to the following policy: in case you buy a product that does not satisfy you, we will make it again and return your money.

While others work with metals, we work with people!

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