What is geotextile and what is it used for?


Geotextiles, also known as geosynthetics, are materials made of synthetic and/or man-made fibers produced by the method of mechanical needle punching or thermal sealing. It is widely used in industrial and infrastructural construction, as well as drainage of roads, residential buildings, strengthening of dikes, slopes, and others. In every aspect, the use of geotextiles offers you the opportunity for easier work and lower costs and time.

Depending on their application, geotextiles have several main functions: separation, filtration, drainage, reinforcement, sealing, and protection.

Приложения на геотекстила:

In road construction, geotextile is used to improve  soil characteristics by allowing you to:

  • Prevent contamination of the foundation with fine material.
  • Facilitate the drainage of road structures without the impact of climate change.
  • Longer service life
  • Low maintenance and repair costs.

When installing drainage systems geotextile:

  • Has a drainage function.
  • Ensures the stability of the installed drainage systems.
  • Improves soil characteristics by acting as a filter that prevents contamination and mixing of different soil layers.

In construction supports:

  • Reducing the cost of drainage systems.
  • Soil stabilization.
  • Achieving quality construction.

Smart Metal Group offers a high-quality solution for you! Geotextile Geomat at a great price!

Main characteristics of Geomatil Geomat®:

  • Composition: 100% PET
  • Area mass: from 150 g / sq.m. up to 800 g / sq.m.
  • Width: 2.20 m.
  • Confection: in rolls with a length of 30 l.m. up to 50 l.m.

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