Black, burnt wire

черна тел 1Черната тел е метална,горена нишка най-често използвана за връзване на кофраж или арматура. Тя е изработена от нисковълеродна стомана SAE 1006 / SAE 1008 / SAE 1010. и в зависимост от дебелината си се дели на: арматурна тел и кофражна тел.
The reinforcing wire is 0.8 mm-1.8 mm thick and is used to tie the steel bars when laying the reinforcement in the formwork forms .
The formwork wire is 2.0 – 6.0 mm thick . and is used to strengthen formwork forms. Formwork wire is widely used not only for tying formwork rods, but also for use in industry, agriculture, mechanical engineering and more.


The raw material is low carbon steel SAE 1006 / SAE 1008 / SAE 1010.

The profile is round and smooth.

Tensile strength: 300-500 N / mm2 – soft; 600-1100 N / mm2 – hard

черна тел

Application of black / burnt / wires that have undergone heat treatment:

– in construction, such as reinforcing wires (ф 0.8 mm – ф 1.8 mm) and formwork wires (ф 1.8 mm – ф 6.0 mm);
– in agriculture, for baling hay;
– in industry, for the production of various types of networks and others.

Application of black / hard / wires processed by the method of cold rolling:

– in construction;
– Agriculture;
– industry and others.

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