Fence systems

SmartMetalGroup.com offers a full range of fencing solutions for yard, garden, property, construction, industrial or manufacturing plant, highways and road facilities and much more. Here you will find different types of braided nets , electric welded nets , fence panels , fence posts , as well as all the necessary accompanying mounting accessories . We produce fencing systems with zinc coating and polymer coating (PVC) , with different hole / grid, heights from 1.00 meters to 3.00 meters and different diameter (Ø) of the wire .

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All types of fences offered by Smart Metal Group can also be grouped with gabions !

Network fencing systems are the fastest and most competitive solution as a price for building a fence on your site. The various types of nets are easy to install and dismantle, characterized by high durability and longevity, as well as resistance to external weathering and corrosion.

Nets are of many types and are divided not only by type but by coating, method of construction, durability, wire diameter, hole, height, even color. We at Smart Metal Group offer all types of nets suitable for building a metal fence or for use in construction:

    • Knitted nets – with us you will find different types of knitted nets. Knitted nets are flexible and easy to install. Reinforced concrete stakes or metal stakes are most commonly used for wicker fences . Knitted nets are easy to transport on rolls, do not have specific installation specifications, and are just as easy to remove. They are suitable for fencing terrains and sites of different sizes, including houses, yards and gardens, construction, agricultural, industrial sites and many others. Braided nets are durable and are one of the most popular types of fencing systems. They are available in many varieties such as wire diameter, cage opening, height and a 10 m long net roll . In addition, knitted nets are available with zinc coating and PVC coating, which can be made in different colors according to RAL.
    • Electrowelded nets – electrowelded nets are offered at relatively competitive prices. In addition to their wide application as fences and enclosures , they are also used in construction and finishing works, and even for decorative functions for the construction of gardens or structures for bearing plants. Electric welded nets are used for screeds, laying concrete on small terrains and more. Metal welded wire mesh is produced in different sizes, holes of squares or rectangles, and for convenience are also flexible and are available in rolls of 10-40m. Depending on their application, they can be made with different wire heights and diameters. Electric welded mesh is divided into several main types, among which are electrowelded galvanized screed nets , fine electric welded mesh , main electric welded mesh and according to the type of coating Electric welded metal mesh can be galvanized or PVC coated according to RAL.
  • Electrowelded panels – Electrowelded panels are similar to electrowelded nets, but unlike them, they are made of a larger diameter solid wire and are not roll up. They are made with a length of 2.5 m and with different heights. They are sought after for their durability, stability and strength. Metal panels do not bend and are not as pliable as nets. They are a little more difficult to install than the previous two options, but are suitable for both flat and stepped terrain. Metal fence posts must be used for their installation, to which they must be firmly connected. Available in several types of coating – zinc coating and PVC coating according to RAL.

Installing fencing systems

Smart Metal Group is a professional in the production of fences and fencing systems . For easier installation of your fence or the use of a certain type of net, we offer our products in rolls of 20-40 m, depending on their application.

For easy and quick installation, we also offer fence posts , as well as all the necessary accessories. Here you will find:

    • Galvanized fence pegs – metal poles with zinc coating are durable and suitable for the installation of any type of fence. We offer two varieties. One is a metal galvanized poles of square profile, which are used mainly in the installation of heavier fence panels , the other variety are galvanized pegs round profile , which make the extension of braided or electrically welded nets easy task. Smart Metal Group makes fence posts of different heights and sizes and at competitive prices !
  • PVC-coated fence posts – PVC-coated fence posts are preferred because of their durability and resistance to external influences. They are most often combined with nets or fence panels with PVC coating, thus obtaining an aesthetically beautiful and durable fence. Polymer-coated fence posts are also available in two variants: square profile stakes and round profile stakes, with different sizes and heights.

Fence stakes from SmartMetalGroup.com come with a gift plate and plug for each stake! It is recommended to place every 2 meters of length of the fence to ensure the necessary stability of the facility.

  • Uncoated metal stakes – Smart Metal Group also offers uncoated metal stakes of different types of profiles and with different sizes . This type of metal stakes are made to order and upon prior request. In addition, it is necessary to purchase additional plates, plugs and mounting accessories, at the customer’s request. Smart Metal Group manufactures all types of metal stakes by prior request from a customer!

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