Garden furniture: Gabions for bench

Create unique garden furniture yourself in your yard! Gabion benches are an unusual solution that will definitely catch the eye of your friends and neighbors! Do not hesitate to call us at +359 876 836 490  or write to us at You can also contact us via the contact form:

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    What exactly are gabions?

    You’ve probably seen gabions before, but you may not know why they’re called that and where their name comes from. By definition, a gabion is a cage, cylinder, or box filled with stones, concrete, sometimes sand, or soil. Gabions are used in construction, road construction, erosion protection, military applications and landscaping. You have probably seen them on the side of an underpass or around construction areas and water facilities. Gabions existed thousands of years ago and were made of wicker. At that time they were used mainly for defense mechanisms against the war. Now gabions are made of coated, galvanized or stainless steel to preserve the shape of the structure and ensure its durability. More recently, gabions have risen in the world of landscape design, both in functional and aesthetic applications.

    More often, however, gabions are nowadays used for construction purposes. Their most popular application is in the construction of retaining walls in yards and gardens, landslides, watercourses and others. These retaining walls do not require special foundations or foundations and are built directly on the soil, after removing debris and plant materials. Gabion retaining walls do not need foundations due to their weight, stability, permeability and their ability to form contours on the ground, as well as to expand and contract under freezing / thawing factors.

    Gabions are the basis for outdoor furniture, raised seats and even the environment for water and fireplaces! These features may not suit the style of each home, but they definitely attract the attention of others.

    The options  for gabion benches Smart Metal Group offers:

    Electric welded gabion for a solid bench with dimensions 100x50x50 cm or 200x50x50 cm with a hole in the cage 50×100 mm and wire ф3.00 mm. It is possible for the bench to be filled with a larger width at the customer’s request!

    Electro welded gabion for a bench with legs measuring 50x50x50 cm with a hole in the cage 50×50 mm and made of wire ф4.00 mm. The bench can be made with two or more legs at the customer’s request.

    Wicker gabion for a solid bench with dimensions 100x50x50 cm, 200x50x50 cm or larger width with dimensions 200x100x50 cm. Aperture of about 80x100mm and made of wire ф3.00mm.

    Smart Metal Group offers you a non-standard solution for your garden! Order easy and fast selected gabion for a bench and we will help you with the installation! Just follow the steps below or call us to perform your installation in Sofia. Naturally, we deliver to any point in the country!

    A few easy steps:

    1. Order a gabion in our online store !
    2. Get fast with delivery to your door!
    3. Assemble the individual pieces of the gabion where you want it to be.
    4. Fill with the selected inert material quarry or decorative stones.

    And done! You will now have a great gabion bench in your garden too!

    Pictures of electric welded gabion offered by Smart Metal Group:

    Gabion benches are a really wonderful solution for your yard and garden. You can see interesting suggestions that you can use when implementing the landscaping of your corner. Gabions offer countless advantages that put them at the forefront of other solutions.

    1. Aesthetics: Gabions tend to be naturally inserted into the environment, giving them an aesthetic appeal.
    2. Installation: The use of gabions does not require a foundation, they can be a cost-effective solution to the problem of small space in the backyard.
    3. Durability: The materials with which the gabion is filled are permeable, which gives durability to both the cell itself and the entire gabion structure.
    4. Environmental: Gabions can be filled with recycled materials such as concrete or rocks, which are construction waste. In addition, they offer the opportunity for many non-standard solutions.
    5. Style: Gabions are suitable both in homes with a more retro style and for those with a modern interior and exterior.
    6. Size: The gabions are available in different sizes and variations, which makes them suitable for building structures and in smaller and narrower yards.

    Interesting suggestions for gabion benches:

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