Поцинковани ленти на рула от Ди Енд Джи ООД

What are galvanized strip strips?

SMART METAL GROUP offers the widest range of products, including galvanized roll strips .

Galvanized steel strip – this is one of the many types of metal products that has a wide range of applications. It is obtained by rolling steel billets followed by galvanizing and cutting rolls of galvanized sheet metal . Galvanized strip has its own niche in the metal market, with intermediate dimensions between strips and sheets: width of 5 mm and thickness of 0.25-3.00 mm. The products offered by SMART METAL GROUP are manufactured on the latest equipment and meet all international standards. Our prices for galvanized roll strips are among the most profitable prices on the metal market.

Scope of galvanized roll strips

  • fasteners for goods and products during loading and transportation;
  • in the manufacture of packaging products;
  • in construction, installation of earthing devices and lightning protection devices;
  • in finishing works;
  • when passing;
  • as a universal pipe connector;
  • when connecting metal structures.

Поцинковани ленти на рула в Ди Енд Джи ООДThanks to the zinc coating , the steel is perfectly protected against corrosion, and the galvanized strip strips have a wide range of applications. They are used in the manufacture of various packaging, wires, cables. This material is often used as a blank for the production of galvanized profile (facade profile, reinforcing profile for plastic windows and doors, drywall). Galvanized strip of rolls is simply irreplaceable where the metal is susceptible to the harmful effects of moisture: in the construction of gas and oil facilities, bridge piers, during power lines and pipelines. Galvanized strips have a very wide application in a number of areas. Their use is widespread in the automotive industry , for example. In addition, they are used when working with faience, insulation and roofing , ventilation and air conditioning equipment, boilers, stoves . They are very popular in the production of pipes, plumbing installations, cable industry and many others.

Also galvanized strips of rolls are applied during the transportation of metal products. The popularity of galvanized steel strips is due not only to the high quality of the material, but also to the relative ease of processing.

Advantages of galvanized roll strips:

Wondering what is the advantage of using galvanized roll strips ? The main advantage when choosing galvanized strips of rolls is that they take up less space . They are also easy to store . The amount of losses is very small, as galvanized strips can be cut in different sizes as desired, depending on the application and the customer’s goals. This saves a lot of time and effort , as well as the use of additional grounding material . Galvanized tape provides ease of creating profiles for a variety of purposes, which can save a lot of effort, valuable time and extra work.

Benefits :

– the use of manual and automated packaging machine allows you to quickly and efficiently pack with tapes;

– flexibility of galvanized strips of rolls;

Galvanized roll strips are protected against corrosion;

– the strength of the steel strip is higher than its substitutes;

– higher resistance to sharp objects;

– the use of packing tape – the main condition for the transport of goods for export (defined by interstate standards).

Chemical composition of galvanized roll strips

Galvanized strip strips is one of the types of metal offered by our company SMART METAL GROUP

This material has proven to be a reliable raw material for the production of roofing and cladding materials, such as:

  • facade cartridges;
  • corrugated;
  • sandwich panels;
  • metal panels.

Galvanized steel has a high resistance to various mechanical damage, corrosion and weathering. The products can be subjected to different types of processing: cutting, stamping, stretching and folding. Durability and long enough service life of the products without losing their good qualities, expand the range of this material.

Why choose us?

Choosing SMART METAL GROUP , our customers choose products with very high quality , which are developed by the best professionals in the field . With us you will find not only flawless workmanship and quality , but also professional advice and advice to make the best choice at the best price for galvanized strips .


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