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We at Smart Metal Group offer wholesale and retail of various types of roof thermal panels . Here you will find polyurethane foam thermal panels , CTB roof panels , ZOO roof panels and mineral wool roof thermal panels .

Roof panels are widely used in the construction of roofing systems, repair and replacement of existing, obsolete, worn or problematic elements of the roof structure. Roof thermal panels are a great choice for installing a roof on a variety of buildings and structures. They save time and effort and are affordable for any builder or individual. Installation is easy and fast!

Roof thermal panels are preferred because of their qualities! They have a three-layer structure, and their inner part has great advantages in thermal insulation. They are also characterized by external moisture impermeability. Thus, the panels, in addition to reducing the cost of electricity and energy consumption, they are very easy to maintain and do not require additional investment.

Types of polyurethane roofing panels from Smart Metal Group

Polyurethane foam roof thermal panels are available with 3 and 5 ribs. An appropriate type of polyurethane panel is chosen depending on the purpose of the building and the desired level of resistance to adverse weather conditions. The panels are made of thin steel sheets with a polymer coating and have an insulating layer.


3-rib polyurethane foam roofing panels are widely used. They are characterized by great durability, given at the same time that their weight puts minimal strain on the load-bearing elements of the structure. The panels are impervious to moisture, suitable and resistant to climatic conditions in Bulgaria, have low thermal conductivity and are fireproof.





5-rib polyurethane foam roof panels are economical, easy and convenient to use. The panels are trapezoidal in shape. They are suitable for winter conditions in Bulgaria, withstand different types of loads, even heavier snow cover and stronger winds.


  • Polyurethane foam roofing panels are available in affordable prices from Smart Metal Group .
  • Minimum number of purchases: 1 pc. (panel)
  • At the customer’s request, cutting is performed according to the customer’s specification or specification.
  • Colors: Polyurethane rigid foam roof panels are available in classic gray and white. Requests for RAL color panels are accepted on request.

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Smart Metal Group is a company with over 10 years of experience in the trade of roof panels . The company offers its customers the production of roof panels with guaranteed quality and high professionalism.

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