The main reason for damage to the road is its displacement in a vertical or horizontal plane – especially when passing heavy trucks. Simply put, the transport “pushes” the asphalt, cracks form in it, followed by rapid destruction of the pavement. Or the coating “slides” to the side – with the same consequences. If this happens, the sliding rocks may fall due to the slope and block part of the road.

Method and advantages 

 The technology of the geogrid is simple, durable, aesthetic and reliable. To limit landslides, a layer of geogrid filled with seeded topsoil can be installed over the stones. The aim is to provide drainage and to strengthen the vegetation. Experts recommend the use of such materials if roads, bridges, various tunnels, as well as hydraulic structures are built or repaired. In fact, such objects have a maximum load. The use of a geogrid significantly reduces losses associated with landslides, and deformations of slopes.

Final Result 


  • Durable slope stabilization solution

  • The threat of fallen rocks is stopped
  • Vehicles can pass safely



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