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Polyurethane wall panels

Polyurethane is an insulation material that contains two main components – polyol and isocyanate. Polyurethane consists of light polymers and has very high thermal insulation properties. It has compression resistance and dimensional stability, regardless of the temperature range from -30˚C to + 80˚C. The polyurethane insulation material also has sound insulation capabilities. Polyurethane panels are available in several varieties – wall sandwich panels and roof sandwich panels .

Polyurethane wall thermal panels are very widely used. They are used not only for the construction of a insulation facade system on various large sites – family houses, offices and industrial buildings. They can also be used for the construction of distribution or partition walls in rooms. Available in a wide variety of thicknesses and colors to meet all needs. Practical, economical and functional solution!

Smart Metal Group is a specialized supplier of panels in Bulgaria for wall panels with high quality!

Types of polyurethane wall panels:

  1. Стенни панели от полиуретанова пяна със скрит монтаж


2. Wall panels made of polyurethane foam with open mounting



Features of polyurethane foam wall panels are:

  • The production of polyurethane panels uses high quality structural steel with a ductility strength of 250-280 MPa (tensile strength) and a tensile strength of 330 MPa, or stainless steel;
    • The filling of polyurethane foam has a density of 40 kg / sq.m;
    • Thermal panels for polyurethane walls are classified as “non-combustible”;
    • Additionally, galvanized steel cladding and polymer coating are added, which create reliable corrosion protection (class C3).
  • 0.3 / 0.4 / 0.5 / 0.6 / 0.8 / 1.0 mm inner and / or outer wall thickness.
  • Filling: Polyurethane foam.
  • Size of one thermal panel – 13.5 m2 (minimum order area).
  • Width of one panel: 1000 mm
  • Length of one panel: up to 13,500 mm
  • Colors: RAL 9006 (gray) and RAL 9002 (white). Other colors are accepted upon prior request.
  • Wall panel mounting method: concealed and open mounting.
  • Ability to cut to client assignment.
  • Assembly – thermal panels are assembled by joining.
  • Thermal panel grip – excessive.

Advantages of wall thermal panels

  • Thermal wall panels have high thermal resistance.
  • They have mechanical stability.
  • Polyurethane panels are quick and easy to install and install.
  • Ability to cut panels to customer assignments.
  • Easy to clean and maintain.
  • Reduced weight, recyclable and environmentally friendly material.
  • Low operating costs.

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