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Smart Metal Group is the official representative of a leading European plant for production of sandwich panels .

The subject of our activity is trade and installation of sandwich panels . In addition, we offer project preparation for our clients, as well as accessories, ridge kits, door trim, windows and technological openings, with which we provide the facility in a fully finished form. We have stock of sandwich panels , wall and roof thermal panels at competitive prices . Our products are insulated with polyurethane rigid foam (PUR) or mineral non-combustible wool (MW)

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What are thermal panels (sandwich panels)

The word thermal panel is synonymous with the popular name sandwich panel – a self-supporting construction material composed of a thermal insulation layer of polyurethane foam or mineral wool, ideal for insulation of any building. The sandwich panel consists of a core and a sheet metal shell. Its core can have a different composition, and the sheet metal shell is usually galvanized and covered with different finishing materials (most often primer and finish). About twenty of the most popular colors of polymer coating are used in the production of sandwich panels . Composite panels are preferred by many because of their wide and versatile range of applications – especially for sites that require quick installation, good insulation and a sophisticated aesthetic appearance.

They are widely used in the construction of buildings and structures of any complexity – industrial and office buildings, industrial buildings and warehouses, supermarkets, hospitals, gyms and swimming pools. , shopping malls, gas stations, garages and more. Sandwich panels meet all standard, environmental and health requirements, have a long life and are resistant to external influences. They are non-toxic and completely safe, and with their thermal insulation, sound insulation, moisture resistance and lightweight design, they are established as the most preferred and popular material in modern construction. Consumers and experts agree that today sandwich panels are the most flexible, practical, environmentally friendly and economical building material.

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Installation of thermal panels from Smart Metal Group

When performing any construction activity, the complexity and volume of work is always assessed. Crucial to the installation of thermal panels is the surface – whether flat and smooth or uneven and with a large number of corners, openings for doors and windows, arches and cornices. The installation of thermal panels (sandwich panels) is similar to the installation of tiles, but with some significant differences. The installation process is very fast, simple and effortless. It also saves time-consuming finishing work (such as plastering and painting the walls). The installation itself is a process of attaching ready-made thermal panels to the cladding surface with the help of fasteners located on the inside. Insulating wall panels are placed vertically or horizontally. The standard method for fixing them is with through fixing. Proper grouting needs to be done and the process of installing the facade thermal panels is complete. Although installation is not a complicated process, you need to entrust its implementation to a specialist! Prices for installation of thermal panels depend on the volume of the order, the deadlines, the complexity of the work performed, etc. Trust our specialists and we will choose the optimal option for you. Although our prices are fixed, our regular customers always receive a discount. Here you will find the best solution for installation of thermal panels at an incredible price .

Types of sandwich panels and thermal panels

Wall sandwich panels

Wall sandwich panels are used as vertical, horizontal and inclined enclosing structures in the construction of industrial, warehouse and agricultural sites, public and commercial buildings, refrigerators, low houses and villas. Laying a wall panel gives the room new life and creates a modern look. Depending on the method of installation and its insulating properties, wall sandwich panels are divided into several types. The use of panels with open installation saves money, but at the expense of this the aesthetic appearance of the building is lost, so we recommend the facade panels with hidden installation.

Advantages of wall sandwich panels:
  • multilayer structure with filling;
  • galvanized steel with different polymer coating, stainless steel, aluminum, etc .;
  • adaptability, flame resistance, durability, lightness;
  • Easy panel mounting;
  • wide color gamut;
  • short installation / repair time, as in any season;
  • high insulation;
  • ecology, hygiene, safety;
  • low load;
  • Easy to transport;
  • no need for additional finishing;
  • resistance to mold / mildew;
  • does not react to the effects of aggressive chemicals;
  • A wide range of applications, including in the food industry.

Facade thermal panels

Facade sandwich panels are among the best building materials, characterized by their incredible performance properties and high functionality. For cladding facades of all buildings, we recommend to our customers facade thermal panels with a wide range of colors and concealed installation. With us you will find professional advice, a wide selection, guaranteed quality and reasonable prices.

  • have a relatively low price;
  • demonstrate excellent thermal insulation properties and a satisfactory result;
  • long-term attractive appearance;
  • durability.

Thermal panel sandwich panels have been used in Europe for several decades. They are created on the principles of rational economy, environmental friendliness and aesthetics, providing heat, protecting from natural phenomena, transforming the appearance of the building, increasing comfort and increasing the selling value of the building. With minimal effort, at any time of the year your home can become warmer and more cozy, and why not even imitate a brick? We will make your dreams come true by realizing not only the simple models, but also the elements for the interior and window openings. Glazed ceramics, clinker, granite, used in the outer layer, allow you to perform finishing work and design tasks, as well as to experiment with colors.


Roof sandwich panels

Roof panels are steel sheet with a special polymer coating that provides protection against physical and chemical impacts, and against adverse environmental effects. To provide additional protection, roof panels are covered with a protective film. Metals such as steel (polymer coated or stainless steel) and aluminum can be used on the exterior and interior surfaces of sandwich panels . Roof sandwich panels are used in the construction of all types of buildings and facilities. They are light but withstand significant loads. They consist of 3, 4 or 5 ribs, and the outer and inner layer is galvanized, galvanized or is a steel sheet with polyester color coating. The connection between the roof panels is made by crown overlap with the empty rib of the adjacent panel.

  • optimal heat and sound insulation properties;
  • panel coatings have high corrosion protection;
  • aesthetic appearance;
  • They have a multilayer structure that forms a heat-insulating core (usually mineral wool or foam).

Choose our roof sandwich panels , as they have the perfect balance between affordable price and high quality! Modern joints, combined with professional installation, eliminate any leaks, moisture and dirt that may occur during the expansion of the metal.

Thermal panel care

Like any material, sandwich panels require care. They are sensitive to various pollutants spread by the air and sometimes the use of paint is necessary for their further maintenance. Among the main pollutants are acid rain, sulfur compounds, chlorine and nitrogen, salts, dust and soot, but unfavorable for the panels is their exposure to sunlight. Deposits can cause the paint to crack. The most dangerous for the panels are the traces of shocks and scratches, because the contaminants come into contact with the zinc coating and increase the risk of corrosion. Regularly clean the surface of the sandwich panels is essential for their maintenance and care. Stains on wall and roof panels are cleaned with water and a soft brush or under running water with pressure (< 50 bar). You can use commercially available detergents and rinse thoroughly with water.

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