Fence gabions? Sounds interesting!

You probably often wonder what exactly is a gabion and how could you use it?

Gabions are actually a network formed in the form of a cube or parallelepiped, which is filled with stones or other inert materials. For greater stability of the structures, diaphragms are placed, i.e. additional barriers that prevent excessive stretching or deformation of the gabion net.

The use of gabions in construction is an efficient and environmentally friendly solution most often to prevent erosion and used to stabilize and strengthen embankments, slopes, landslides, rivers, coastlines, roads, highways, etc. They are made of special steel with a thick zinc coating. Gabion equipment is very durable and resistant to ground pressure, easy to install, requires almost no maintenance and is self-draining, making them an ideal solution for building walls.

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Електрозаварени и плетени габиони - българско производство!

Types of gabion fences

  1. Low solid gabion fences

Low solid gabion fences are used mostly for decorative purposes. They are used in the yard and garden in the form of fences on individual areas, separating corners and gardens, but also play a major role in the construction of reinforcing walls. Very often lower structure gabions are used as a basis in the construction of fences. They are most often made of electro welded gabions up to 50 cm high or woven gabions of double-twisted hexagonal mesh. Building a base gabion is a more economical option than concrete foundations. There are different options that can go well with other materials such as wood, metal fence panels , mesh and more. They can also be combined with gabion columns of different heights and shapes.

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2. Building light fences with gabions

Gabions can be auxiliary materials in the construction of light fences. They can be used in the construction of columns of gabions, to which are attached metal fence panels, electric welded mesh, timber, metal gratings of customer’s choice or other. Gabion columns are stable, environmentally friendly, easy to maintain and modern today. They are produced with different heights of 1.50 m, 1.70 m or 2.00 m, in accordance with the height of the fence panels and nets. The size of the column also varies according to the future design. The construction of gabion columns is easy and the need for a concrete base for the whole fence is avoided. The gabions provide the necessary stability of the whole structure, and also give aesthetics and a modern look to the new fence.

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  1. Building a solid gabion fence

Solid gabion fences are stable, strong, soundproof and, moreover, you can hide from the prying eyes of your neighbors. The construction of this type of fence does not require a concrete base, but it is necessary during the installation of gabions, they should be dug into the ground and use anchor stakes driven into the ground. When erecting a wall or fence of gabions with a decorative function, they are most often performed by electro welded gabions. If the gabion wants to have a supporting or strengthening function, it is good to use knitted gabions. The gabion wall is a solid structure that needs to have enough space to accommodate it. Most often the gabions have a minimum width of 50 cm, but it is possible to be made to individual customer order.

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2. Construction of a solid fence of electrically welded panel gratings

The most beautiful, but also more expensive option in the construction of gabion fences is the use of modular panels of gabions. They are laid on top of each other, leaving a distance of no more than 30 cm between the two sides, which are  filled with inert materials at the request of the client. The modular panels of electro welded gratings are made of thicker galvanized wire Ф5.00mm, and the opening of the cells is larger than usual. This guarantees the strength of the structure itself. In its implementation, channels or other suitable material are used, between which are arranged galvanized gabion gratings. Modular gabion panels do not need a concrete base and can be used on stepped terrain. It is also allowed to dig them into the ground. It is possible to combine them with other fencing systems such as fence panels and others.


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Should we choose a gabion fence?

Are you still hesitant to use gabion walls or a fence in your garden? That’s why we decided to offer you the pros and cons of using this type of fence:

  • The gabion fence has many advantages – it offers reliable protection against noise, privacy, and also has a modern design. Low maintenance costs, durability and functionality are the main advantages of these types of fences. A gabion fence can be an ideal project for people who are not very skilled in terms of concrete structures or people who do not feel confident enough to want to have a classic brick fence. In addition, the materials are easy to transport, thus spending less money.
  • Durability is a very important advantage of gabion walls. They cannot easily slide on sloping or eroding terrain. The strong base and flexibility of the gabions absorb the slight movements of the ground.
  • Environmental friendliness and the possibility of combining with other materials are another advantage. Gabions can be combined with wood, metal, concrete or other material fence or garden wall material. They give a great opportunity to realize the dream fence, which has already appeared in your imagination.
  • Gabion fences have excellent drainage capacity. The gaps between the rocks can be filled with vegetation and sediment, which will strengthen the gabion wall. In addition, the gaps between the rocks allow water to flow through the structure, which helps keep the groundwater level low.

Gallery gabions on low partition walls or fence bases:

Gallery of light gabion fence structures:

Gallery of solid gabion fences:

Gallery of modular gabion fences:

Електрозаварени габиони от Смарт Метал Груп

How to order gabions for a fence?

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