SmartMetalGroup offers you high quality natural building material – slate slabs made of slate varieties of phyllite, known worldwide as natural slate.

Shale plates are certified for all leading markets in the world. They have been tested for centuries and are so aesthetically pleasing that they have been recognized by European Historic Preservation Organizations. The shale offered by SmartMetalGroup has an international guarantee of 50-100 years, with phyllite withstanding impacts for more than 200 years.

There are only a few quarries around the world producing shale fillet, and special requirements are required for shale roofing – the starting material must have the quality of the tile, that is, the splitting property is very important for roofing shale.

Philitic plates offered by SmartMetalGroup are derived from a quarry located in Argentina. The tiles of this high quality material are machined and selected by hand. In addition, more affordable shale varieties from Spain and Brazil are available.

The manufacturer guarantees the absence of any harmful minerals in slate tiles such as pyrite and calcite. This prevents the fading and loss of resistance of this rock material. For example, calcite in low-grade slate can be turned into gypsum with the property of expansion from water, which leads to the destruction of the structure of slate.

The filtrate plates offered by SmartMetalGroup are made of harder, denser and more durable material than ordinary slate and ideal for solving aesthetic problems in construction, which explains its successful use in the most prestigious projects in the UK, Germany and around the world. If you are looking for the best, individual and high-quality execution of your roof or cladding of your architectural project, then the use of SmartMetalGroup filler tiles is justified.

High quality phyllite has a delicate satin finish. The natural color scheme of this material includes black, all shades of gray and greenish-gray, which in combination with a soft natural sheen will make the wall lining or roof elegant and original.

A little bit about the history of slate and slate slabs
Shale is a rock formation that has formed its layered structure for 500 million years, and high-quality phyllite is found in the bowels of the earth for more than 600 million years.

The slate layers are easily separated from one another, forming plates. Such a tile features exceptional strength and durability.

Compared to other natural cladding materials, deposits of high quality shale are very limited in number.

The first mention of the use of shale in construction dates back to the 12th century. Even then, this material was already used for roofing tiles in the UK and Germany.

Features of SmartMetalGroup Slate Slabs
▪ Shale is a natural, environmentally friendly product.

▪ Shale is non-toxic, free of harmful impurities.

▪ The process of extraction and processing of slate is also environmentally friendly and takes place without the use of chemical processes.

▪ Slate tiles are extremely durable

▪ Shale is waterproof

▪ Fireproof

▪ In terms of aesthetics – the shale material is unique and also has good thermal and sound insulation

▪ Shale does not react with chemicals, does not absorb street dirt and dust and is not destroyed by acid rain

▪ High quality shale (phyllite) resist corrosion (unlike rock materials containing metal ores)

▪ The colors of the slate tiles are in natural shades of gray to black. Natural color is unaffected by UV rays, as there are no pigments prone to fading in the sun

▪ Shale is a non-porous material resistant to frost, rain and drought. It is not destroyed by temperature differences

▪ Slate tiles need no special care or technical support.

Why the use of slate slabs is so successful in construction and design
Slate boards are gaining more and more popularity in the lining market every day as it has a number of indispensable qualities:

▪ Embossed surface of slate slabs with a light velvety shine and a pleasant color range create a unique aesthetic effect and meet all requirements for eco-style design

▪ Slabs do not need polishing, glossing and other finishing work, as its distinctive feature is a natural texture with embossed surface

▪ Due to the beauty and durability of the material, slate slabs in Europe are often used for the restoration and repair of cultural and historical buildings

Slate tile applications

Traditional application of slate slabs in construction is roof construction. In Europe, this material has been used since the 12th century. In the modern world, it is widely used in premium eco-style residential roofing work.

Facade decoration – Shale is gaining popularity because of its pleasing color scheme and aesthetic

the embossed texture. Such facades organically fit into the landscape and complement the natural environment.

Wall decoration – slate tiles are suitable for decoration of all rooms: bathroom, kitchen, bedroom, living room. When moistened, the high quality fillet has a non-slip surface, which allows it to be used for lining pools, saunas and baths.

Landscape Construction – Slate slabs are ideal for lining fences, plinths, arbors, decorative fountains and waterfalls, as well as for barbecue areas and creating an alpine garden. Thicker and coarser slate slabs are good material for paving paths and for creating a Roman-style stone fence.

Facing the fireplaces – slate slabs are an ideal material because they withstand high temperatures.

If you have any questions about shale plates, you can contact our consultants by phone +359 888 045 521 or email or visit our online store.

The SmartMetalGroup team is ready to advise you on any questions regarding the use of shale plates:

▪ We perform technical calculations of the quantity of material according to the size and thickness of the tile

▪ We make recommendations regarding the shape of slate tiles

▪ Assistance in installation or installation of slate slabs of any shape

▪ We provide roofing slate training and are familiar with the specifics of slate flooring and decorative lining

SmartMetalGroup offers its customers shale plates of guaranteed quality. To ensure the comfort and serenity of our customers, the company adheres to the policy: if you buy a product and it does not satisfy you, we will make it again or refund you.



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