Shock absorbing rubber flooring


Do you want to build a flooring that meets your work needs? We can offer you the best and optimum variant of flooring. It is durable, soundproof and suitable for both small and large rooms. For your home in the garage, industrial room or outside ?! The most appropriate choice is shock absorbing rubber flooring.

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Rubber flooring is a frequent choice for the construction of outdoor and indoor flooring, no matter their size. These include training grounds and fitness centers, playgrounds, production and storage facilities and more. The shock absorbing flooring is made of 100% Rubber Granules (SBR), a guarantee of durability and durability. This type of rubber flooring is known for its properties such as elasticity, resistance to friction and stress, as well as high resistance to external weather (cold, moisture, heat, etc.). They are suitable for intensively used terrains and premises with a constant flow of people or machines. This type of flooring does not crack, do not form holes or dents in them, which can interfere with the work in the room.

Composition of the rubber flooring:
They are made from 100% rubber pellets or so-called. SBR. With the help of a bonding adhesive, they are compressed to such an extent as to prevent further wear or splitting of the plate. More pigments, UV additives and stabilizers are added.

Properties of rubber granule flooring:
Rubber rubber flooring is shockproof. They are elastic and have high load resistance, traffic and constant movement of people and machines. Rubber flooring is resistant to bad weather and does not wear out in sunny or rainy weather, in snow, hail and constant moisture. They are also suitable for indoors, where the floor needs to be soundproofed and soundproofed by constant movement, movement or shock. This makes them a frequently preferred method of flooring for playgrounds and sports grounds that are characterized by constant movement and high intensity. In addition, this type of flooring has an anti-slip coating which, even in the presence of moisture, water or liquid spills, would not allow it to slip or slip on it. Rubber flooring is an environmentally friendly product that is safe to use and does not release toxic and chemical substances. Extremely easy to maintain in a variety of purpose and size rooms.

The most common applications for rubber flooring are found in:

  • Construction and implementation of outdoor and indoor playgrounds, gyms and outdoor playgrounds;
  • Covering large areas such as balconies, terraces, roofs of blocks;
  • Construction of insulating flooring at stations, gas stations, production premises, garages, shooting ranges, swimming pools and many others;
  • The construction of alleys, paths, bridges and other road surfaces subjected to constant weathering.
    Available sizes:
  • 400 x 400 x 15mm – 15kg / m2
  • 400 x 400 x 20mm – 16kg / m2
  • 400 x 400 x 30mm – 24kg / m2
  • 400 x 400 x 40mm – 33kg / m2
  • 400 x 400 x 50mm – 40kg / m2
  •  Production tolerance of 1-2% is acceptable.
  •  All rubber plates comply with BDS EN 1177 – “Impact absorbing pads for playgrounds: Safety requirements and test methods”.

Types of rubber plates:

  • Rubber plate square with dimensions 40x40cm
  • Rubber plate `puzzle` with dimensions 40x40cm with two ears
    Available colors:
Colour: Black
Colour: Green
Colour: Grey
Colour: Red
Colour: Yellow
  • Minimal color difference is allowed in different batches of production.

Method of application:

Rubber flooring is extremely easy to apply. The plates are arranged horizontally side by side, using a two-component polyurethane adhesive to arrange them on the surface. The boards should be installed on a solid, even, well-cleaned surface. Their numerous advantages allow them to be mounted on concrete, asphalt, cement, wood or other old and worn pavement.

The shock absorbing rubber flooring is available at top prices in Smart Metal Group Sofia.

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