Construction nails at low prices in a warehouse in Sofia

What are construction nails and our suggestions?

For our customers only, we offer a wide range of different types of construction nails that are suitable for many diverse activities and purposes . We guarantee high quality workmanship, a large selection for the most demanding and professional approach to each client. Depending on the shape of its head , our nails can have a flat, sinking and cup-shaped head . Their stem can be smooth or embossed . You can choose sizes from 4 to 20 cm in length . We offer cuts of 10 and 25 kg . If you don’t want to buy a lot, don’t worry, nails can be sold by the pound.

Types of nails

There are many and varied types of nails with different applications. Standard universal nails are usually made of relatively mild steel and have a medium-sized flat head. For better grip the long part of the nail – the so-called. stem, is embossed, ie. streaked .

A distinction must be made between nails intended for outdoor use and those intended for indoor use . When you use nails outside, you naturally don’t want them to rust. So you should choose galvanized nails , developed with a special coating that does not rust. There are also nails that do not bend under any pressure . These are the so-called inflexible nails.

The important thing when choosing nails is to take into account the material in which you will drive the nails, the weather, if it is outdoors, any pressure that will be on them, as well as the desired aesthetic end result .

Why choose us?

If you choose us, you choose a high quality product at a more than affordable and affordable price for construction nails and nails . The rich and varied range of nails is combined with impeccable workmanship and professionalism. Do not hesitate, provide security and comfort!


  • is in a convenient and communicative place
  • is served by a personal consultant
  • has a wide range of metals and stock sizes
  • has many years of experience in the industry
  • executes your queries quickly
  • The production cycle lasts 10 days
  • We also ship within the European Union

While others work with metals, we work with people!

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