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What is a coil spring wire?

The products of Smart Metal Group have high capabilities and quality of execution. The proposed solutions are used in many areas where it is necessary to ensure the safety of the site. One of the main products we present for the physical protection of the territory is vest spring wire type spiral .

It is a barbed wire fence that appeared about a hundred years ago. Vest wire was invented during World War I, when it was booming for the use of barbed wire in battle. Back then, barbed wire was widely used by warring parties to create insurmountable obstacles for many kilometers, which in fact changed the course of the war – from active tactical action it was redirected to trench warfare. Spiral vest spring wire is designed for quick installation on the spot directly in battle, sometimes under fire. It does not take much time to prepare for the use of a spiral wire vest – it is enough to stretch and strengthen it in the places necessary for protection.

Vest wire spring type coil is a type of coil with a cylindrical structure of barbed wire , which is firmly attached and stretched on special supports. Spiral spring wire can be used as anti-personnel enclosures. In peacetime, the construction of protected perimeters that reliably protect the territory has an advantage over single wire strands. High strength spring wire vest type spiral is achieved by connecting special coils. This allows you to maintain the integrity of the security wall, even with multiple injuries and minor tears in different parts of the structure. Only high quality materials are used for the production of spiral spring wire wire . This allows you to create powerful barriers based on reinforced barbed tape . Modern wire exceeds the quality characteristics of single-core and double-core metal thread. Twisted safety barriers, manufactured in accordance with the principle of vest spring-type coil , have a greater strength than conventional barriers.

What is a spring coil spring wire used for?

Spiral spring wire – a high-performance spiral fence made of barbed wire. Manufactured more than a century ago, the fence is still used successfully to protect equipment from malicious attacks. Coil spring wire is much stronger and more efficient than a single strand of single-core or double-core barbed wire >. Applying a spiral spring wire can reliably protect the protected object from outside penetration or leaving the perimeter, thanks to the special building construction. The construction of a spiral spring wire is also used to create high-performance obstacles – the spiral security barrier is reinforced with barbed tape. There are different options for using this product, both alone and in combination with other security equipment, in accordance with the technical parameters of security.

Wire spiral spring wire is used to make fences to make it difficult for intruders to overcome the following types of objects in restricted areas:

  • territories of enterprises;
  • landfill and warehouse areas;
  • areas around nuclear power plants;
  • the territory of HPPs, TPPs;
  • gas supplies and natural gas distribution facilities;
  • sites of the Ministry of Defense;
  • sites of the Ministry of Interior, prisons;
  • the territory of the mining works;
  • protection of water resources and protection of the environment, border areas;
  • Other objects that require a perimeter to be created.

Spiral vest wire can be used in a variety of ways:

– canopy on the fence or on the roof of a building;

– camp fence supported in one, two and three levels;

– rapid deployment of mobile artificial obstacles in one, two and three levels (without columns).

Advantages of vest wire spring type spiral

Vest spring coil has good resistance when trying to overcome as well as be destroyed. It is very difficult to overcome the spring wire spiral type , the attacker will immediately become entangled in its coils, and although the spring wire spring type spiral is easy to break, up to the complete destruction of the barrier the attacker will have to do it in several places, as single broken wires do not reduce the protective properties of vest spring-type coil . In addition to the quick installation of such barriers as spiral vest spring wire , there is another great advantage – when cutting the barbed wire in several places, it loses structural integrity, and spiral vest spring wire retains its integrity due to the way it is attached. Due to its effectiveness , spiral spring wire is used as a highly effective barrier to protect private and public buildings , military and government facilities that require a high degree of security and security .

Chemical composition of vest wire spring type spiral

Spiral spring wire is a spiral woven into a single-core or double-core barbed wire , adjacent turns of which are connected to each other at several points by special brackets. Folded spiral spring wire looks like ordinary barbed wire and doesn’t take up much space during storage, and is installed by stretching and attaching to special brackets. Under the stretched form vest wire spring type spiral is a cylindrical barbed wire fence in the shape of diamond-shaped cells and strongly elastic properties. Spiral spring wire is coated with a protective layer of zinc , which resists the harmful effects of weather conditions. In addition to galvanizing, a polymer coating is used for corrosion protection . Experiments have shown that the polymer coating is many times more corrosion protection for a barbed wire fence and prolongs the service life of equipment.

Price of vest wire spring type spiral


Theoretical weight / kg

Price for 1 pc. without VAT

Price for 1 pc. without VAT

Prickly wire 125m ф1.70mm




Prickly wire 125m ф2.00 mm




Prickly wire 125m ф2.50 mm




Prickly wire 200m ф1.70мм




Prickly wire 200м ф2.00мм




Why choose us?

Smart Metal Group is a company with over 10 years of experience in the trade of vest spring wire type spiral . The company offers its customers the production of vest spring type spiral with guaranteed quality and high professionalism. To ensure the comfort and tranquility of our customers, the company adheres to the policy: in case you buy a product and it does not satisfy you, we will make it again or return your money.

Smart Metal Group

  • is in a convenient and communicative place
  • is served by a personal consultant
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