Reinforcement steel

How can I purchase Reinforcement Steel?

Get a free consultation for the reinforcement rods you need at +359 876 836 490 or send your drawings at

You can also purchase reinforcement products via our web shop:

Арматурни пръти за заготовка

What is Reinforcement Steel?

Reinforcement or rebar consists of steel elements in a reinforced concrete structure. The importance of reinforcement is not to be underestimated as it is in the essence of a strong and resistant structure. A variety of elements is used for making the reinforcement such as reinforcement mesh, premade reinforcement products, and rebar rods.

Where can I find Reinforcement Steel?

Nowadays finding anything we need on the Internet is easy even if it is reinforcement for a certain construction. Here you can find all types of reinforcement steel with their pricing depending on the element itself.

Reinforcement steel is offered at different prices, but it is important to take into consideration the following factors:

  • The type of material rebar rods are made of;
  • The diameter of every reinforcement rod;
  • The length of the reinforcement steel;

Prices for reinforcement steel may vary. The essential differences in the pricing of reinforcement steel come mostly from the type of material and its characteristics, as you may already know, the stronger the metal the higher the price.

Reinforcement Steel from Smart Metal Group:

  • Solid square profile with sizes from 8×8 to 60×60, the length of a rod is 6 m.
  • Smooth rebar rods Ф6, Ф6.5 and Ф8.
  • Rolls of reinforcement steel Ф6, Ф6.5, and Ф8. We perform orders by customer’s assignment.
  • Ribbed reinforcement steel (periodical profile) – premade rebar products from N8 to N28

Why choose us?

Smart Metal Groups is a company with over 10 years of experience in Reinforcement Steel trading. We guarantee our clients high-quality manufacturing of Reinforcement steel and high professionalism. To guarantee the comfort of our clients our company sticks to the following policy: in case you buy a product that does not satisfy you, we will make it again and we will return your money.

While others work with metals, we work with people!

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