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Square fence posts 50x50mm and tubular fence posts ф48×1.5mm

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For installation of knitted or welded mesh fence order tubular or square fence posts.
Only the square fence posts 50×50 are appropriate for installation of metal fence panels.

All fence posts are offered with a height from 1.00m to 2.00m depending on the fence system build by you. We strongly recommend putting fence posts in 2m increments.

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What is a galvanized fence post?

Smart Metal Group offers at your attention galvanized fence post. Galvanized fence post – a supporting element for fences made of profiles or corrugated metal elements that are a wonderful choice for fencing your villa, construction sites, gardens, sports or public facilities as for protection of non-resident areas.

The difference between the types of the galvanized fence posts is defined by the thickness of the wire of the profile’s tube, its height and design. Galvanized fence posts as well as the fence posts with no galvanizing coating are made for huge loads that is defined by the height of the fence. All galvanized fence posts are equipped with caps for the tube profiles (for preventing the entering of water and debris into the post). Such a protection improves greatly the resistance to corrosion, improves the lifetime of the fence posts and creates a more aesthetic look to thе product.

Field of application of the galvanized fence posts:

The Galvanized Post  is the main constructive element that performs the base function of every fencing. Galvanized fence post serves as s support for the horizontal elements that the fence is attached to. Fence Posts with a galvanizing cover are used when building fences from profile or corrugated metal sheets, fence meshes, wooden fences, welded or forged fences. Fence posts are divided into several base types:

  • circular
  • profile
  • galvanized circular
  • galvanized profile

Types of Fence Posts offered by Smart Metal Group:

Circular galvanized fence post ф48×1.5mm with a plank and a cap:

The main function of the steel fence posts is the building the fence construction. Steel fence posts are used in the construction of fences made of corrugated sheets, metal fence posts as well as for building wooden fence.

Galvanized profile fence posts 50x50mm with a plank and a cap:

Profile fence posts are used for creating the block structure when building a fence with profile or corrugated sheets, metal, plastic fence posts or timber.


Note: All fence posts are offered with a plank and a cap!

Advantages of the fence post with a galvanizing cover:

  • Resistance and endurance;
  • Resistant to heavy loads, excellent strength
  • Resistant to fire;
  • A guarantee for a long lifetime – 20 years;
  • Affordable prices;
  • Quck and easy to install;
  • Aesthetic look and no need of any annual maintenance, priming or painting;

A long time ago a main disadvantage of the metal was its low resistance to the conditions of the environment including humidity and temperature changes that cause corrosion. Today this problem is successfully solved by the metal product manufacturers. A great option for the modern construction is the galvanized fence posts for enclosures made of metal sheets, fence mesh that provide the highest levels of protection from the environment by applying a special zinc protection layer on the tube.

Chemical composition of the galvanized fence post

Galvanized fence posts are dipped into a melted zinc bath with an addition of aluminium, lead and other metals. Metal diffusion is caused during the hot-dip galvanizing method of the steel – zinc atoms enter the steel forming a surface alloy. After lifting the fence post from the metal bath a clear zinc 80-120 mcm thick layer is formed. You can visually measure the thickness of the coating by the look of it. Hot-dip galvanizing of the fence posts ensures a high mechanical strength and protects the metal from corrosion even in case of damage of the outer zinc layer.

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