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What is sheet metal?

Sheet metal is one of the main materials widely used in metalworking. It’s most commonly produced and can be found in the form of thin metal sheets. The thickness of the sheets can vary. The flattest ones are known as foil, and the thicker ones are often called plates. It’s very characteristic of sheet metal that it’s easily subjected to various types of manipulation – it can be cut and bent in various ways and in various forms. Sheets also can be made of different types of metals, the most widely used being sheets of steel, aluminum, copper, tin, brass, nickel, titanium and others.

Sheet metal types

In general, sheets can be classified into several types. Depending on the material from which they are made, they can be:

  • sheet metal
  • black sheet
  • sheet steel
  • galvanized sheet
  • Non-ferrous sheet metal (copper or aluminum)

Definitely the most common are those of ferrous metal. They are often on leaves measuring 1m by 2m. and thicknesses from 0.5 mm to 10 mm. They are widely used in the manufacture of metal doors, manhole covers, all types of ramps and closing openings. There is also a type of black sheet metal with a special purpose:

  • riffle black sheets
  • average black sheets

They are mainly used for steps and ramps, as they aren’t smooth, but are stamped with a pattern, or are perforated and don’t allow slipping or water retention. In addition to that, sheets can also be found in rolls called rolls. They are usually used for larger projects. The galvanized sheets have thicknesses of 0.4 mm – 10 mm. They can be smooth (used mainly for cladding) or corrugated (so-called LT sheets), which are used for roofs.

Processed sheet

  • Hot-rolled sheet metal on sheets and rolls with a smooth surface
  • Hot rolled corrugated sheet metal
  • Galvanized or pre-painted sheet metal
  • Corrugated and trapezoidal sheet metal ( sheet metal )

sheet metal at a great price by D&G Ltd.

Our prices and offers for sheet metal from Smart Metal Group



Norm. weight

Price per kg.

Price per square meter

Price per piece

0.5mm-black 1×2 8 1.57 6.28 12.56
0.6mm-black 1×2 9.6 1.57 7.536 15.072
0.7mm-black 1×2 11.2 1.57 8.792 17.584
0.8mm-black 1×2 12.8 1.57 10.048 20.096
1mm-black 1×2 16 1.57 12.56 25.12
2mm-black 1×2 33.7 1.57 26.4545 52.909
3mm-black 1×2 48 1.4 33.6 67.2
4mm-black 1×2 64 1.4 44.8 89.6
5mm-black 1×2 80 1.4 56 112
6mm-black 1×2 96 1.4 67.2 134.4
8mm-black 1×2 128 1.4 89.6 179.2
10mm-black 1×2 160 1.54 123.2 246.4
3mm-riffle 1×2 51.3 1.6 41.04 82.08
0.5mm-zinc. 1×2 8 2.3 9.2 18.4
0.5mm-LT 1×2 10 1.7 8.5 17

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Smart Metal Group is a company with over 10 years of experience in the trading of sheet metal . The company offers its customers the production of sheet metal with guaranteed quality and high professionalism. To ensure the comfort and tranquility of our customers, the company adheres to the policy: in case you buy a product and it doesn’t satisfy you, we will make it again or return your money.

Smart Metal Group

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